Saturday, March 15, 2014

Good news....and bad news :(

Have some news this blog, so first the good news so you can read it and be happy! Yay!! 

Anya---Welcome to my office

  Well we have another edition to the family! The Slaves managed to catch this pretty girl who has been stray for a couple of months! They thought something had happened to her since after the first attempt to catch her shed disappeared but come to find out she was just hiding out. Dad saw her the other day while out walking Link, so he told Mom and she brought me out for a walk too. Then they were going to let me&Link get close and see what'd happen but they got too close and she hopped away, so they waited a bit and Mom saw that she was very alert so they went over again and that's when they saw a cat, far enough away that they didn't have to worry but close enough to keep an eye on it. 

   Eventually she realized that I was a bunny (I was hopping all over the place by her) and she decided to hump mom snatched her up while she was doing so and now she's safe with us! We weren't planning on keeping her but...How can you say no to that face?

 So it looks like she's staying with us! And she and Link won't get to see each other until he's fixed heehee. She's very cuddly and surprisingly a neat freak, so mom's wondering if she's already fixed

  Now onto the bad news. 

 Mom discovered I have an absess on my left back paw :( It's on the heel of my foot, not where I step but on the back like its a spur. So mom "popped" it and cleaned it out, and they're going to keep it clean. Now just a matter of getting me to the vets :( Don't have a whole lot of friends we can ask to do that right now so we're working on it. Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers/etc.! I'm acting perfectly normal so that's good! 

   Now time for some new pix!! 

Bunny mouth!!! 

Can I come out to play yet?


Head rubs please!! 

That's the spot!!!

Yep. Riiiiiight there. (neck rubs are awesome too!!)


 You're going out in that? :O

Link: How do I look? 
Duchess: Do I have to say? 

Anya--He's behind me isn't he? 

Link's doing well! Getting little bit better about litterbox habits, he's loving all the attention and begs for it often! 
  Anya is very neat and is actually pretty much perfect about using the litterbox, which makes them wonder if she's already fixed which would be awesome!! Either way, Link's setting a bad example for boy bunnies right now Heehee

    Well that's all for now! Will keep everybun posted! 

        Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


  1. Oh, Duchess, we always pray for you. Your family seems marked for incredible bunny adventures. I hope some more help shows up. It does take a warren and the humans who care for the warrens have to care for each other, too. Thank you for the help you give the bunnies .

  2. Congrats Duchess on your new friend she is for your foot you mummy is doing the right thing by keeping it clean where the wound is she needs to get it checked out by the vet to be on the safe side but it should heal up on its own,but we shall keep you in our prayers and Speedy sends snuggles too,xx Rachel


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