Sunday, May 11, 2014

Well About Time!!!

Late, As usual!

   Hope that everybun's been doing well!! We've been doing pretty good! Also we're not a trio anymore!
  Well as most of you can tell by the format and layout, we finally have access to a computer! Yay!! And good pictures! (Double yay!)
 So we'll try to get back to blog posting!

Who me? I'm too cute to be the baddest one!

   Since the last post, Mom&Dad tried out me and Anya, and at first we did VERY well together...But only for about 5 days. Then Anya's hormones kicked in and we've pretty much been fighting every time we see each other!! Anya got my eyelid (Thankfully nothing major! It's practically healed now) and Mom and Dad found a few graze marks on Anya, so lets just say we're even Heehee. So we've been separate since. 

Hay there!

  Link is doing well! He actually was just fixed earlier this week, his litterbox habits still aren't the best, so we're trying to keep him clean! In the meantime, he's been an absolute sweetie and loves to flirt with me *blushes*

Yeah...I'm pretty cute

  Whenever we got Link back yesterday...We *may* have taken in another bunny...Another giant bunny!

So...You're both going to pet me...Ok.

  We're calling him Mr. Grey. He's one big sweetie and he LOVES pets! He has grey fur on the bottom of his feetsies, incase anybun was wondering were the name came from Heehee.

  But we are all doing well! Just trying to get things figured out, if all goes well we'll be moved into a new place later this week (paws crossed!) and then next month Mom'n Dad are going to try to bond me and Link. Once Anya's fixed they'd like to try to bond her and Mr. Grey (Who is from Magic Happens Rescue (formerly Cadbury) right now they're fostering to adopt him, but hopefully soon that'll turn into an "adopt"! 

 Oh, and sometime between Anya and Mr. Grey we got a lil kitty, who we are calling Saphira. She is super cute, but lots of trouble too! So far we're all ok with her, especially the boys for some reason Heehee. 

   Anya finally got to get some outside time, needless to say she enjoyed it! 

"What's that???"

I think it's safe to say she had a blast in there!

 I've been pretty good! Just occasionally getting into trouble...Heeheehee

  Oh! And my abscess is doing well! It hasn't gotten bigger and I just started baytril so hopefully it'll be completely gone soon!
  That's all for now!! Until next time!

  Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny