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 Hello, thanks for hopping by!

  Well since you hopped by this page, you obviously want to know all the gory details of my life.

  Me and 76 other bunnies were owned by a breeder in Fort Meyers Florida. As you can imagine, with 77 rabbits around, we eat A LOT of food! She became bankrupt and couldn't keep us anymore, so she was going to *gasp* gas us all!! Thankfully the local news heard about it and did a story on us. The breeder lady then heard from a zoo. The zoo was going to take us all at $8's a rabbit but...We were going to be snake food. Still not a great ending for us. But, lucky for us, Gainesville Rabbit rescue stepped in, raised enough money for all of us, and got us all out. The only problem, they couldn't take all of us. So a whole bunch of wonderful rabbit rescue volunteers across the south transported us to various rescues so we could have a chance at a forever home.

 I was one of the lucky ones that went to Magic Happens Rescue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I actually was only there to get spayed before moving onto a different rescue, but since there was a "short" of mini rexes, I got to stay. Believe it or not, I was actually the Slave's "second choice"! I'm so glad her first choice didn't work out since I got to come here.

  I actually came here because the Slave was looking for a buddy for her first bunny, Daisy, but Daisy became sick soon after I got here, so that didn't work out.
 The Slave is so thankful that she has me around, losing Maisy&Daisy (her first bunnies) in the same year was rough for her. I'm quite the little ray of sunshine in her life!

  I'm super spoiled, I have a gi-normous outdoor run that Mom sometimes puts me out in, and my own space in Mom's room, and free range while she's around. I also get to go downstairs and play around sometimes too.

  But what I really enjoy, is the food:


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  1. My parents spent their early married life in Louisiana. They loved it. The friends they made and the cuisine has had a lasting effect on our family. Duchess, I am so glad that there are people who will undertake what the people who saved you did. The zoo would take you, but...Talk about the good news and the bad news. I am very disappointed that they would approach a rescue group with such a proposal. I am glad to see you getting the bad taste of it all out of your mouth.


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