Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And I Talk Too

  Well the Slave recently started making GIF's. I don't mind too much, since this new program she downloaded (GIMP) can also fix anything I want fixed. For instance, if she gets a really nice picture of me, but, no wait. Eye-goop.

  It also gives me the excuse to start up a new blog: bunnyfunnies.blogspot.com

 We'll see where it goes. Its just a sort of fun thing to do. I've got one GIF in particular that was a "hit" on Bunspace that I'd like to put up soon. Most of the GIF's will probably feature moi, so if you want to see never-ending "movies" of me, that's the place to go!




Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanks, Slave!

I don't know where to begin...

 The Slave has finally decided to let me get in a daily dose of Parsley. She has been trying to "perfect" her bunnies diets for years, and Parsley has always been one of the no-no's, except on special occasions. All because Parsley has calcium. Can't she give a delicious plant a break?

  Well apparently she can. She finally 
figured out that since I only have pellets occasionally (And they contain calcium as well.) that it would be Ok if it got some Parsley everyday. Geesh. All this time when I could've been getting parsley.

  I suppose I should eat it before she comes up with some excuse as to why I can't have it:

  Why all the worry about calcium? Well some bunnies if they get too much will get bladder sludge and all kinds of nasty things. (<-Notice it says SOME bunnies, Slave.)

  I'm lucky I get anything with this Slave taking care of me. I wish I was around when she was gaving M&D handfuls of Raisin's a day! I haven't even tried one!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If You Thought Chocolate was Addicting...

Imagine petting a chocolate bunny...

Pet me.

You know you want to...


Oh yes. I'm as soft as I look.

 This is one of the first pictures of her. As you can see, she looks particularly luscious in this picture.

 While Duchess isn't a big fan of getting cuddled, lets just say she's gotten used to it...

    Ok, now I need to go pet somebunny...
                 Until next post,

                    Duchess's Slave


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Need More Thyme in The Day...

*Sigh* So much to do...So little time (Also more Thyme wouldn't hurt)...

Where to start?

  Occasionally I have to make sure I give out my "NoseBonk of Approval" when necessary:

 I also have to make sure the Slave's making my breakfast or dinner depending on the time of day:

Eat Hay when I get the chance:

Eat my greens:

This is it? I thought this was the appetizer...
(Actually this is Second breakfast. Surprisingly I don't have any pictures of her eating breakfast/dinner)

 I also have to investigate strange objects:

This is going to take a while...

Can't forget to pray that the Camera breaks:

(...And maybe the slave could forget she already fed me, and give me some extra greens...)

Entertain the Slaves:

Eat greens again:

Dig on the bed:

You call this bed "made"?

Find time to Sleep:
The "Sleeperhold"
(You do realize I'm not actually sleeping?)


Not to mention I have to get in as many pets/treats as possible, destroy at least one thing, and make the Slave laugh/smile as many times as possible...

 Well I suppose eating hay/greens would be a good start...

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Commited the Ultimate Crime

Go ahead, I DARE you

 I dared all right:
That's not embarassing
Please, PLEASE make it stop!

 Well, I did have pity on her and put the camera away not long after this picture. She was more than happy to enjoy the rest of her pumpkin by herself. I did water down the pumpkin a little bit on accident, and it resulted in a ton of tongue action. Which was fine by me, although Duchess, of course, had a problem... 

 Duchess Here:Do us bunnies take pictures of our slaves with food smeared all over their face, tongues protruding, and post it on the world wide web Ooing and Aaahing over how cute they are? I didn't think so.

  Sorry Duchess, but those pictures were just too good to pass up. 

 (Note to self: Make sure camera is out of reach...)

 Duchess was sure to stay off the piano today, but I was sort of glad because I have yet to find the charger for the video camera...

              Until next post,

                       Duchess's Slave


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bunny Chopin? (As in Show-pan)

(Duchess takes deep breath before placing her paws on the keys)

  This afternoon I was sitting in the living room, and I heard Duchess moving things around in the kitchen. I didn't think much of it since she recently found out that a few treats had spilled into the Christmas Bow bag. 
  A little later on I heard the piano. Just one note, held for a good 5 or so seconds. I was so surprised that I just sat there. (Also I remembered my camera battery was dead anyway.)I then got up and went to go see what she was doing, and sure enough she was sitting on the piano bench, looking at me. After that I went to go dig up some AA batteries and kept an ear out for more "piano playing". But there wasn't any.

  After a while I went and got her and put her on the piano bench and tried to see if she would put her paws up there for me. When she appeared not to do it, I snapped the above picture, and just as my camera was saving that picture, she went and put her pawies up on the piano again. *Sigh*

  Then, even later on, I was again in the living room when I heard several notes played on the piano. (Note: They weren't played all at once) Sure enough, Duchess was in there, but by this point she had hopped off the bench and was waiting for treats.

 I think this all started because yesterday a certain somebunny wasn't getting enough attention while a certain person was playing the piano, so she jumped up on the pinao bench to get pets.

 Today I think she finally realized that she could hop onto the piano bench. Of course once doing that, she had to be Miss Curious and check out the keys as well.

 I'm definitely going to have to charge the video camera for next time she's in the kitchen!
        Until next post...
                Duchess's Slave



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How did this happen??

Apparently this was supposed to be a mat...

You're kidding, Right?

 The other day the Slave comes over and tells me that she's going to Crochet me a jute mat. Then last night sure turns up with the above "basket". I ask you, how does a mat turn into a basket? I asked the Slave and she told me it was her "first project". I mean really, how does something that's supposed to be rectangular turn into something round? I don't think the Slave even knows how it happened.

 Oh well, at least I have a use for it:

 Now I can be lazy and stay on my favorite pillow and eat my 3rd favorite type of food. And if I want, I can nom on the so-called "basket".

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Post From Bunspace

While it may be 2 days after her RBB date, its has been on my mind a lot. As I suspect it would be on anyone who has lost a bun. I promise that I'll return with the usual silly Duchess stories soon.

 On Maisy's 1 year at the RBB, I wrote this blog on Bunspace, and thought I would repost it here:

"I've learned that it's hard losing a bunny, time passes, but the hurt doesn't necessarily fade. There are mostly good days, but sometimes you just miss'em a lot, and nothing can really fix it.

Life goes on, you adopt another bunny, you 'bond' well with them, but you never forget the other bunnies that have touched your life. Never.

Memories will eventually fade, but the important ones never really do. You know the one, the one you vow to hold on to and never let go. That time on a car ride, that one time when they were particurarily sweet, or even that that time they peed on you when you continued to hold them after they warned you to put them down. (This happened to me twice with Maisy...You'd think I would know better!)

I miss my bunny girls, I always will. I'm so thankful to have had Maisy&Daisy for my first bunnies, they've taught me a lot. I'm also thankful to have taken so many great pictures that have captured their personality. Now, even though they aren't here to personally make me smile, I can still look at their pictures and remember.

Pictures for me (And probably most people) hold memories, most pictures I take I can go back to that time and remember how they once were.

I have a little collage next to my bed of all my favorite pictures of them. Mostly ones that show their attitude, Maisy striking a pose, Daisy doing what Daisy does best, which is being DaisySmile

I remember that final year I had the two of them, I had this bizarre urge to take lots of pictures of them (Like to take some fun set pictures of them almost the day I thought of it instead of next time I had the camera out) and to want to spend lots of "fun" time with them.

I remember Maisy was so friendly that final November-December, coming up for pets, and being just plain sweet.

Then Maisy got sick in January and passed away. She was 3 months away from turning 6. It happened so fast. We found out what was wrong with her on a Wednesday (Enlarged heart) and she passed away that Friday. From then on I kept Daisy close and was with her for most of my free time. I was so scared that she was sick, and worried about all the little things, (Is she breathing Ok? Is she drinking too much water? Does that poo look weird?) Despite that, I still had so much fun being around her. We celebrated her 6th birthday and had lots of fun pampering her. That May she became noticably sick, and despite many vet trips she slowly got worse as the summer wore on, until she passed away in August. we still don't know what really happened. We suspect that they both had poor genes from in-breeding.

Once Daisy passed Duchess became 'a star' and has only grown 'brighter' as the months have gone on. I honestly don't know what I would've done without her. As I write this blog I have her running around, and even now despite the subject she is still managing to make me smile at her antics.

It was hard for me at first. I didnt know too much about her since I spent a lot of time with Daisy (I brought her home in May to bond with Daisy). Now that I've spent about 4 months with just her, she's comfortable around me, (For example, she doesn't mind if I pet her while she's grooming) and I know what her attitude is, her likes, and most importantly her dislikes.

Getting at that point when with your bunny can be so rewarding, I never realized how important it was until it was gone. One lesson I've learned is to never take little moments for granted, sometimes those are the best ones.

I'll always miss you my sweet bunnygirls..."


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remembering Maisy (AKA The Sausage)

  This time last year, we lost Maisy to an enlarged heart. I'll always miss my little sausage bun. I'm so glad that I was able to have her for 5 great years, I only wish it could've been longer.

 I was looking back at some of her pictures, pretty amazing how much she changed in 5 years:

Baby Maisy

Maisy at the end of 2009 

  She and Daisy had a bunch of unique markings, but I have to say that my favorite one on Maisy was that bunny marking on her side. 

     I'll always miss you MaisyGirl...

  Duchess's (Formerly Maisy&Daisy's) Slave

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Playful Side of Duchess

You call this "playful"?

  As much as Duchess wouldn't admit it, she has been a *bit* playful lately.

  This evening while Miss Duchess was out and about, she came by me and did a few little binkies. I, of course, couldn't help but tickle her, and my to much surprise, she  actually binkied a few times when I tickled her. After this happened twice, any time I tried tickling her after that she gave me her usual slightly annoyed/what are you doing face. *Sigh* It was cute while it lasted.

 These past few days I've been skimpy on the binkies in the company of the slaves. (I've found that they are appreciated even more if they are spread out.) So I thought I would humor the slave and binky when she tickled me that one time. So she tickled me again. And again. What am I, a wind-up toy? I do not binky on command. Last I checked they humored me.

 *Nudges Duchess aside*

 Anyway. The other day I made the mistake of leaving her pellet cup on a chair. Needless to say she found it and proceeded to spill them ALL of the floor, then jump down and try to "vacuum" them up...After that I moved them to the table/area above the chair. Well you know how bunnies are, they can't help but make sure that you didn't make the same mistake again...

Geez, just makin' sure she doesn't leave things out!

 I had heard her scraping the chair when I was busy on the other side of the room, so next time I left the camera on. I then heard her jump on the plastic drawers and went to go grab her, as I had left some un-baked clay on my desk. While this video is different from the others, I just love having the fast and the slo-mo. I couldn't find any music to pair with this, so I just left it without it.
  I've been working on a number of videos similar to the Chinese Dance and the Bunny Dance, but I just haven't found the right match-up yet...
  Well that's all the news on this end!

                Until next post...

                      Duchess's Slave


Thursday, January 5, 2012

My wish has been granted...

 Now THATS what I'm talking about

 Yes, this is the carrot that I was talking about last blog. Sadly, it is no more. The Slave says my lips were orange for the day. I would've spanned it out longer, if it wasn't for the Slave's forgetfulness. *sigh* It was good while it lasted. The Slave gave me pumpkin and benebac just to be sure that all that sugar didn't mess me up. (I spanned it out to about 3 days, there were some days in between.)

   In other news the Slave is sponsoring a photo contest for Bunspace, and a certain bunny you all know is the face of the contest. You can see it here. The only possible downside to all this is that the slave will be making the prizes, which means after the contest she'll be at her desk more often making clay bunnies and completely ignoring me. (Slave here, "completely ignoring" is a strong phrase. I guess foot massages don't count anymore.) Anyway. If you are too lazy to click on a few links to see the Slave's handiwork here's a sample:


 I guess I can get some bunstruction done while she's distracted. Perhaps I should work some more on the closet...

    Until next blog,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And a Happy New Year...

 The things I do for food...

  Well I've had a pretty good 2012 so far! Mom was kind enough to give me my jumbo carrot last night at Midnight. Lucky for me she forgot to remove it from my cage *hehehe* Although now Mom's teasing me and saying that that's all the sugar I get for the year...She is teasing, right?

         Hope everyone has a great 2012!


 P.S. The carrot was in my custody for about 12 hours...By the time it left more than half had magically disappeared. And yes, my lips are stained with guilt.