Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

   Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Season!!

  Miss Duchess has been doing fine, I had a toy photo shoot with her earlier this week:

     I think it went pretty well considering she didn't want to have anything to do with the toys. I think these pictures show all her different shades of brown the best...And yes, that is her winter coat. There is nothing left to pluck, and her last plucking session was in November. Since when did "brown bunnies" not have patterns/designs?
   As you can see in the Christmas card picture, she's got all kinds of toys she'll get to chew on this Christmas.I figured she could do with a bit of spoiling since its her first Christmas that she'll get to "celebrate". I also couldn't help picking up a jumbo carrot for her at the produce store. (She will not get to eat it in one sitting.)

 After having two bunnygirls to spoil over the past five years its strange to only have one. I do have a bunny boyfriend in mind for Duchess, but nothing is certain yet.

  Hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

                 Duchess's Slave

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bags Delivered!! (WARNING!: Pictures of Destroyed Bags)

What started out like this...

Soon ended up like this:
Pictured is adoptable Kali (Bonded with Roger) sitting triumphantly over the remains of what once was a bag

As you can see, the adoptables definitely enjoyed the bags. There were several techniques displayed today. There was just plain destruction (Pictured above), as well as some who decided to just investigate:
Adoptable Boo checking it out

The Harlequin Girls thought the bags smelled nice, so why NOT give them a lick or two:

Adoptable Ivy: Do you think they're watching?

 Some bunnies were so excited by the sound of other bunnies tearing into bags, they sort of forgot their own (See video MHRR posted here)

  Even MHRR's newest Resident, HoneyBadger, had a 'strategy':

Goodies inside the bag? HoneyBadger don't care.

  We definitely enjoyed going over there and delivering the bags (And, of course, holding HoneyBadger). What better sound than 24 bunnies ripping into baggies full of goodies?

  Along with the bags we also delivered 47 homemade toys (Filled with alfalfa, a few pellets, and a Bunspace Store Banana Bunny Bite):


  Thanks so much to everyone who donated! We were even able to make some for the foster bunnies!! Without y'all we definitely wouldn't have been able to do this!

     Until Next post...

               Duchess's Slave

 Before anyone asks, HoneyBadger certainly has lived up to his name. He has quite a story, which you can read all about on his Facebook page.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thursday's (hopefully) the Big Day!

 You think this is snoozing?  

   While we may have been "quiet" this past week, we've got big plans for the next coming days. Well, we hope.

   We're hoping to deliver baggies Thursday, if not then, then definitely next week. Also when we deliver the bags, there is a slight chance that I won't be the only rabbit on the car ride back...
   Until next post...



Friday, December 2, 2011

Mission: Not Impossible

The Reinforcements have Arrived

  Thanks to donations received last week, I was able to place two more orders to go towards the bags for the MHRR adoptables.

 Today, while Duchess was enjoying some run time, I got to work on the bags:

            This was turned into:

47 bags filled with delicious greenery for the adoptables.

 First we have some timothy hay at the bottom, followed by apple&birch twigs with leaves, as well well as some homegrown rosemary twigs, dried carrot tops, and a pumpkin bunny bite. Some bags have homegrown lemon balm or black berry leaves.
 Haven't distributed the toys yet, still not quite done making all of them:

  Miss Duchess's speed-date is hopefully week after next, and that's when we'll deliver the bags.

 I've still got the "treat certificates" up on the clay bunnies site (link to your left) incase anyone would still like to donate for some more goodies for the bunnies!

 I'll leave you with picture of Duchess:

  Until next blog...
                 Duchess's Slave