Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trio of Trouble!

Yep! That's us

   We're all doing pretty well! My abscess is small and doesn't look too bad. I had some TMPS and Mom was putting honey on it, currently looks like this:

   I'm doing great! My poops have been looking amazing and I've been very sweet to everyone, including Anya and Link! After of course I jumped in the toilet chewed baseboards and nibbled on some wires.thankfully didn't break any--I let Anya take care of that Heehee

Daddy can I have some kisses??

*muwah* (I usually get what I wants Heehee)

  They're thinking about slowly trying to bond me and Anya, very slowly, and try the trio once Link is fixed. 

Link-- But I'm too cute to be the messy one! 

  Link's been doing good, they discovered sore hocks on his back feet the other day, (he used to be on a mesh floor) his furs been so thick they weren't easy to see, but with all his messiness he's been having to get foot/butt baths so they noticed minor sore hocks on his back feet. He likes to pee on the floor and hop in it so they're trying to keep the floor and him clean so his hocks won't get worse. They're going to try putting blankets down but they're hesitant to do so since he's just going to pee and then sit in those :p so they're working on that right now! 

Bunny kisses anyone?

 Despite all his messiness Link is still very sweet and is ALWAYS giving bunny kisses to everyone/everybun!!

Anya getting her picture taken by Dad  

 Anya has been doing very well, she's getting used to all of us and isn't scared by me anymore! (I may have taken a hunk of fur out of her once or twice after I was tired of being humped, now I don't mind her at all!) 

  She's very photogenic to say the least! 

Anya being Mom's lil shoulder buddy

She really likes to lick her lips Heehee While she may be the smallest and pretty darn cute (because we all know I'm the cutest ;) ) she is the worst of us all! She's chewed two cords to bits!! So they are very careful about where the wires are now!! 

 So for once, I'm not the major trouble maker, I'm like a little chocolate angel Heehee 

*muwah muwah* see I'm so well behaved, who cares if I like to poop on my blanket? *muwah*

Bunny lips!!!

 We've all been trying (a little) to be better, both the slaves have been sick with some kind of cold so we've been doing a lot of sucking up Heehee

  Well that's all for now!! Hope everyone's doing well! 

     Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Good news....and bad news :(

Have some news this blog, so first the good news so you can read it and be happy! Yay!! 

Anya---Welcome to my office

  Well we have another edition to the family! The Slaves managed to catch this pretty girl who has been stray for a couple of months! They thought something had happened to her since after the first attempt to catch her shed disappeared but come to find out she was just hiding out. Dad saw her the other day while out walking Link, so he told Mom and she brought me out for a walk too. Then they were going to let me&Link get close and see what'd happen but they got too close and she hopped away, so they waited a bit and Mom saw that she was very alert so they went over again and that's when they saw a cat, far enough away that they didn't have to worry but close enough to keep an eye on it. 

   Eventually she realized that I was a bunny (I was hopping all over the place by her) and she decided to hump mom snatched her up while she was doing so and now she's safe with us! We weren't planning on keeping her but...How can you say no to that face?

 So it looks like she's staying with us! And she and Link won't get to see each other until he's fixed heehee. She's very cuddly and surprisingly a neat freak, so mom's wondering if she's already fixed

  Now onto the bad news. 

 Mom discovered I have an absess on my left back paw :( It's on the heel of my foot, not where I step but on the back like its a spur. So mom "popped" it and cleaned it out, and they're going to keep it clean. Now just a matter of getting me to the vets :( Don't have a whole lot of friends we can ask to do that right now so we're working on it. Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers/etc.! I'm acting perfectly normal so that's good! 

   Now time for some new pix!! 

Bunny mouth!!! 

Can I come out to play yet?


Head rubs please!! 

That's the spot!!!

Yep. Riiiiiight there. (neck rubs are awesome too!!)


 You're going out in that? :O

Link: How do I look? 
Duchess: Do I have to say? 

Anya--He's behind me isn't he? 

Link's doing well! Getting little bit better about litterbox habits, he's loving all the attention and begs for it often! 
  Anya is very neat and is actually pretty much perfect about using the litterbox, which makes them wonder if she's already fixed which would be awesome!! Either way, Link's setting a bad example for boy bunnies right now Heehee

    Well that's all for now! Will keep everybun posted! 

        Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello there!!

                  Why hello there!

 Now that the Slave finally has signed into the right account for my blog posting let the blogging commence!

   Me and Link are doing pretty well! Still haven't been able to get him fixed yet, but we're working on it! 

Me and Link going out on a stroll

 We've been doing pretty well when we're together, nothing aggressive just sometimes Mr. Link likes to do some humping heehee other than that there's been a fair amount of grooming especially by him 

 (Still no computer so still haven't been able to post nice pix!! So we're rolling with mobile device pix for now) 

  We've both been having lots fun with the slaves! And enjoying bunny company through the bars



Link getting some Mom time...He may have been slightly bad that day Heehee he likes flicking pee/water everywhere

I say do you have food with you? 

Link being too cute! 

What do you mean you don't have treats??

   Well that's all for now!! Only other thing I wanted to mention was we now both have FB's (Duchess LaChocolatelapin and Link Kaninchen KungFumaster) and Twitter's (@Duchessbunny and @LinkKungFuMstr) and you can now find us on Instagram (BerrimanBunnies) Incase anybun wanted to add us! 

    Hope everyone's been doing well!! 

       Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Long time no update!!

Im doing great!!! The slaves been having issues she's been dealing with with her family. Anyway....

 Meet Link!!! 

The newest edition to our lil family. He was the owner of the place we're at's pet, and he used to live outside. When asked if we wanted him, Mom&Dad/The Slaves said yes before they even saw him or knew he was a he Heehee. His eyes were sort of damp but since they've been cleaning them for him every so often they look just fine! He isn't fixed, and they want to get to get him looked at but lack of funds/transportation to the vet they haven't been able to yet. 

  Me and Link for a sort of Mardi gras card. We might have been eating pellets Heehee

          He's behind me isn't he??

 I've been doing great, been loving all the attention I've been getting from Mom& now Dad :) Her computer has been down so we haven't been able to post any pix from the nice camera, will post some as soon as she has a computer again!!

  Me&Link have been getting along pretty well through the bars! I just am not a bit fan of getting sprayed or humped too much, he only has humped me once during one of our quick meets (yes I'm fixed!) which I wasn't too cracked up about, but until he gets fixed they're going to keep our meetings short and sweet. 

   Will update when I can!! We're going to try posting blogs from the mobile app! 

  Hope everybuns been doing well!! Sorry it's been a bit since we've posted!!

     That's all for now!

        Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny 

P.S Incase anyone was wondering: Yes, Link is named after the Zelda character Link Heehee