Saturday, May 26, 2012

Team Work Makes Dream Work!

              Yeah, I'm Gorgeous

  I have to say, the Slave's pretty Ok with that new camera. In just a few short day's, she's made me look pretty good:


The Slave still doesn't understand how I bend my ears like that.

 Did someone say "Stop"?

                                        BAM! That just happened!

       *Makes plane noises with mouth*

  So between me, the Slave, and that new camera, I think we make a pretty good team! 


                                              Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


Sunday, May 20, 2012

So Much to Catch Up On Without Boring Everyone

     Wohoo! Look at me! 

 Ok, yes, I can think of SEVERAL other binky pictures of me that are MUCH more impressive. Like...

  But just look at the quality in the first picture! So much crisper, brighter...Even GREENER! But it still isn't good enough to start a blog off with, so how's about this one? :

  Ok, fine. It's still not as good as the other one, but moving on...

   I've been doing GREAT! Binkying (obviously), eating (not so obvious) and celebrating. "What am I celebrating?" One might ask, well I can answer that with one, very short, video:

   Yep! My Birthday! (So what if it was, uh, 6 days ago!) I'm celebrating by eating some of my birthday spoils as slowly as possible.  Although technically it was my Gotcha Day, it might as well be my birthday since we never got to find out when it was. I tried telling the Slave to celebrate my Birthday every day, (Since it could very well be my birthday today!) but she told me that May the 14 is my day to celebrate. Then again August 17 to celebrate my adoption date! 

   Regarding other events, I'm very happy to see that I have 5 followers! Wohoo! I have 5 people following me around! ;) 

  Also the Slave has come up with a plan for my own web-series, so we'll see how that turns out. We're going to start "rolling" with that fairly soon since...
  In bad news, the slave has a new camera. New camera + picture taking crazy slave= No peace. So I've been having (almost) my every move photographed. Unlucky for me, it doesn't have a cord to chew on to break it. You see, the careless Slave left her other camera's battery charging cable behind the couch where I found it and dragged it underneath the couch and proceeded to destroy it. (While I didn't "destroy" it, I just think it sounds better. Besides, it has prevented her taking pictures of me for the past few days.)
 So with that news, I present to you even MORE pictures of that gorgeous chocolate bunny everybun loves, surrounded by Nature (If you don't count the fence and anything else that might be lying/hanging around.):


 I would add more, but I don't want to overdo the chocolately goodness in this one blog. Since with my Slave around, there are SURE to be more blogs with even MORE pictures! 

   That's all for now!

                  Duchess LaChocolateBunny

 P.S. Here's my Birthday card! (My Favorite by far!)


Friday, May 4, 2012

You want me to do WHAT?

You want me to do what?
    Look cute and adorable??? 
 Are you kidding me? I AM cute and adorable!

 Some Slaves. It always gets me when they say "Now look cute!" or ""Give me your cute face!" it's pretty rare when my Slave says it...But just the fact that she told ME-the very essence of cuteness- to "Look adorable!" ...It is simply too much. 

 All I know is that my 1st Birthday* is in exactly 10 days, and I just KNOW she is going to have me do a photoshoot, and I better not hear the words "Look" "Give" "Stop" or "No" on my special day. Unless of course it is used in a good way. 

      Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


*Actually my "Gotcha" day and I'm really probably turning 2 or 3...But that's beside the point.