Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Already?


  It's Halloween! 

  Ok, so maybe it's not Halloween yet, but it certainly has crept up on us! It's been sooooooo long since we've done a card, we almost forgot!

  We've just had a nice blast of cold air, which has been really buntastic! 

  Well that's all for now!

Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener...Where the Litterbox is Dumped


  Earlier today I discovered that grass seeds stick to shoes. And that grass seeds taste delicious. So I've been busy  rooting out all of those pesky grass seeds! The Slave says that my litterbox dump area will probably be a lot greener now, heehee

  Anyway, onto gorgeous pictures of your favorite chocolate bunny!


The Slave loves the way the sun reflects on my chocolatey fur!

Running up to say "Hello!"

  After a super busy weekend I plan on getting back to my normal blog schedule! 

   Well that's all for now! 

    Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


Thursday, October 18, 2012

And We Were All BinKyING! BINKY! (100th Blog Post!)

Woohoo! 100 Blog Posts!

  100 blog posts, 1 sick episode, and lots of pictures later, I feel very fortunate to have so much happy news to report over this past year! Even if it is just picture of me going crazy, heehee

  So to celebrate 100 posts, here's 10 Binky pictures to celebrate! 


Little Binky!

 These types of 
binkies are the best!

Gettin' Ready for the Foot Flick!

The finishing touch!

Here I go!

In the middle of goin' crazy!

Now, for one of my nicest binky pictures the Slave has captured (recently, heehee)...

  Well I hope that y'all have enjoyed this binky-pictured filled 100th Blog post! Now you can expect some gorgeous pictures of me for a post or two, heehee ;)

     That's all for now!

    Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny



Monday, October 15, 2012

Holy Chocolate Bunny Bottom Batman!

 I can't believe it took 98 posts to realize I haven't posted a post dedicated to my 
gorgeous chocolate bottom!

Just look at my cute little chocolate cotton tail!

It even looks cute when I binky! heehee

  Well that's all for this blog! Next blog up, the big 1-0-0! Don't worry, you'll see more of my GoRgEoUs bunny face in that blog post Heehee

    Until next post!

    Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

Friday, October 12, 2012

Binkies are the Best!!

  There's just something so Pawesome about binkies! I don't know why the run makes doing binkies so much more fun! I can't decide if it's grass, or feeling the sunshine on my back, but it's just the greatest! All the space certainly is a big contributing factor!

 Nothing quite beats doing binkies. (Besides eating.) Lately  the Slave see's me zipping around more often along with my binkies! We had a slight cool front come through, so I was really enjoying that! Running is so much fun!

  Then of course there's the process of going through the binky! All those little head/foot/twists are fun! 

  Just talking about binkies makes me want to do a binky!! Heehee

 Well that's all for now, until next post!

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

S-T-R-E-T-C-H That is What This Post is About!


  The Slave has gotten A LOT of "stretching" pictures of me, so I thought I might as well dedicate a blog solely to the great art of stretching! 

^This one has a 
*little* bit of a twist to it!

Another one of those 
*Almost* great pictures! 
Still a nice one even though you can't see my back feet!

 I'm a Ballerina!

  Still got some binky picture's up my imaginary sleeves, so stay tuned!

    Until next post!

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

Monday, October 8, 2012

Running Running BINKY! (Also, 1 year Blogiversary!)

  Well I have been busy enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having! Today was the first day it was actually cool ALL day! It was great! I really enjoyed the weather and did lots of binkies...But of course the slave wasn't able to capture all of my awesomeness! (As a bunny friend of mine so aptly called it! See example below)

  Here is one of the most gorgeous pictures of me, shows how deliciously soft my fur is, as well as how active I am, but...It doesn't 'contain the awesomeness' heehee.  

 The slave was very surprised to see that she did capture a pretty good binky picture of me today!

  And of course, she got lots of nice running pictures!

  I've got lots more binky and running pictures to come, so stay tuned!

   Until next post!

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

P.S. I JUST realized, that today, exactly one year ago, marks the start of this blog! Already at 96 posts, 4 more and I'll reach 100! Wohoo! 

 The Slave thought that she'd missed the 1 year anniversary, but what do you know, she'd posted the first blog post on this exact same day one year ago! So in honor of that, here's another gorgeous/cute picture of moi:

 I've had a blast sharing my adventures this past year, and I hope that y'all have had a blast reading them!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Featured Adoptable of the Month---Snowee!

Meet Snowee!

  This handsome boy has been searching for his forever home since this past August! 

  Snowee is one of several REW adoptable bunnies at Magic Happens, but just because they look similar, doesn't mean they all act alike! Snowee here loves getting pets, is mellow, (But not lazy!), inquisitive, and also a little playful! If his temperament is this great at the rescue, I can only imagine how much fun he'd be when he gets the chance to "open up" once he's adopted or fostered!

  Most REW bunnies are looked over due to their "creepy" red eyes and "boring" color for the more colorful, brown/blue eyed breeds, when in reality REW bunnies usually have the best personalities! Snowee here definitely has a winning personality, and just look at how cute he is!

  Snowee here may be on the large side of things, but if you ask me, bigger is better! All the more to love!

  While someone may think "Oh, it's such a shame that he has red eyes, otherwise I'd get him!" they don't realize that that's what makes that bunny special. Anyone who has owned a REW bunny can tell you just how amazing they are, and how glad they are that they didn't let that bunny's eye/fur color stop them from adopting that bunny. 

  Perhaps that's why REW bunnies look that way, so that way only special people would adopt these very special and unique bunnies. 

  If you think about it, most bunnies who are returned after a few weeks are the "pretty bunnies", the ones who were adopted quickly because they were appealing to first time adopters, and come to find out the bunny had a bad habit/problem that they rescue hadn't found out yet.

  So next time you're looking to adopt, give a REW bunny a chance, they're sure not to disappoint!

 Snowee chillaxin' at his photo shoot, no camera shyness here! (More like, "Can we be done with this so I can go about my business?", heehee)

  For more information on Snowee, you can hop by his petfinder profile -->here!<-- 

  Here's the rescue's web address for more information on the rescue and their other adoptables!


 P.S. Will be posting a new binky/running blog soon! Be sure to check back Saturday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

In Case You Didn't Know This Already...

 We take a break during this binky-runathon to inform you that...

 I have gorgeous Chocolate brown eyes! 

 These pictures where the camera focuses on my eye/eyes always look so cool/gorgeous/awesome! The Slave's favorite part is being able to see the cloudy blue sky reflection amidst a pool of chocolate brown lusciousness heehee.

     Until next post!

  Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny