I thought I'd post a sort of "Q&A" section incase anyone had any questions or were looking for some answers.

  Who are Maisy&Daisy?

  Maisy&Daisy were my first bunnies. I got them in 2005 and them both for almost 6 wonderful years. Maisy suddenly became ill, and we soon found out it was an enlarged heart. She passed away soon after we found out. Daisy was doing great without her sister, but despite that she became seriously ill in June and passed away in August. I miss'em both a lot.
  I'm so glad that I have Duchess around.

What are these "Clay Rabbits" I hear about?

 Because of Daisy becoming so ill, I started a website to sell customized clay rabbits:

  I've been making them for a few years now, its something I've always enjoyed doing; making them to look like someone's bunny makes it that much more enjoyable. Although I'm never quite satisfied with how they look until I hear back from the customer.

 If you have any questions just post'em in a comment below!


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