Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Interrupt Isaac to Bring You...

Binky Pictures!

 I was going to post this blog DAYS ago, but a certain Storm named Isaac all the sudden became a big deal and I completely forgot to update the blog!

 We're doing fine, right smack in the cone of rain'n all that, but we're all Ok! So far we've had big gusts of wind relatively frequently and rain on and off, we'll see what happens tomorrow! Fortunately the internet is still working, so I was able to hop on!

  Now, onto Binky Pictures!


Pretty picture!

Eating AND Binkying! I'm quite the multitasker!

Here I managed to pose pretty AND binky!

*Gasp* I'm so beautiful!

  I'll be sure to post again once this storm has blown over! Hope that everybun in it's path stays safe! (And that everybun has a great day!)

    Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


Sunday, August 26, 2012

"What the---" Some of my not so pretty binky pictures!

  The Slave has gotten some very cool binky pictures of me...And some very--uh--interesting binky pictures of me! Some of them are pretty cool binkies, just that I'm not facing the right way! 

And of course, sometimes they're just plain blurry!!

  Besides those, there are also ones where I'm doing 'ground binkies' or I'm *just* starting to go into a binky that look kind of weird as well:

And then you have some of me running that are either cool looking...or blurry looking:

  What was the purpose of posting these? Well the Slave thinks that some of them are interesting to look at, or that binky was just SO COOL but she didn't get that perfect shot!
  The Slave got some new binky pictures, so I'll be posting that blog soon! But until then, here's one of the good ones she got today!

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


Friday, August 24, 2012

More Pictures of Happy Adoptables!

 The Slave just got some pictures from Magic Happens of the Adoptables enjoying some of the goodies from Christmas in July!

Pending Adoptable Mr. Darcy throwing around his wreath!

 Photo: Harley & Ivy enjoy some of the last honeysuckle wreaths from Christmas in July.
 Adoptables Harley and Ivy enjoying the HoneySuckle vine wreaths we sent!

  We are so glad that the adoptables enjoyed their nommies! I already have the Slave picking more honey-suckle vine for next time around! Until then though, I thoroughly intend on, ah , test tasting more than a few ;) 

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


 P.S. Stay tuned for more new binky pictures of mua!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here we-Here we-Here we GoOo!

  Well I have been VERY busy doing... Uh... bunny stuff. Like eating. And trying very hard to ignore that cold spot on my back by distracting myself and doing other things, like eating! (Look, isn't it amazing?? My bald spot didn't show up!!)


 Occasionally we get the question "How does your Mom/Slave get those totally buntastic binky pictures?" and the Slave is more than happy to share how. So, me'n the Slave have been thinking about doing a couple of posts on taking that perfect binky picture! But of course for this to happen, it is preferred we hear some encouragement, like "YAY! THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY PAWSOME!" or "WOHOO! YOU ARE THE BEST!" Or something along those lines. It's nice to know what your audience wants! 

 And Of COURSE they'll be pictures! New ones too if the Slave ever 'cleans' the memory card and charges the camera battery. *Looks at Slave* 

   Well that's all for now...I'll end it with this new pawesome binky/running picture the Slave got!

               Until next post!

             Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


Thursday, August 16, 2012

She did WHAT???!!!

Ooh No she did-n't!!!

Here I was, just minding my own business:

 Come here little piece of grass! I just want to eat you!

 *Nom nom nom*

 Here I go!

 WOHOO!! Look at me! Eating grass and binkying!

 I am SO Gorgeous!

 When all the sudden...

The Slave came, picked me up and...


 Plucked me.

 Needless to say, I am VERY busy letting the Slave know I Disapprove.

Here I am giving her the ultimate sign of un-happiness: Shaking my ears AND disapproving.


 So until all my gorgeous fur is plucked and my even gorgeouser fur has grown in, I will be doing my best to get some extra treats. And pets. And of course giving her the bunny butt and/or thump and/or disapproving face when necessary. Which will be all the time. 

     Until next post...

            Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look Into My Eyes...Well, Eye

 I don't know why the Slave likes doing these extreme close ups, although they are kind of interesting! Especially when you stare into my eye and look at the reflection.

 This one, which I'm sure I've posted before, is one of the Slave's favorite extreme close ups (Actually going to be in a calendar!):

 She also got this one the other day:

 I think it's kind of funny when she tries to get these because she ALWAYS has her bigger lens on her camera, so instead of getting close to me, she has to get farther away! Although she's not too terribly far since when she takes these it's usually when I hop over to her for pets! 

  She just loves nice pictures of me. My coloring is so pretty with all the different tones and everything. *Sigh* If only she had this camera when she had Maisy&Daisy! Now they were some pretty multi-toned/colored bunnies!

     Until next post!

           Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sometimes I Amaze Myself...

 I am just so GorGeous!!

  Obviously the Slave finally got around to taking some new pictures of me! I've been having a BLAST in the run!! I've got some new binky pictures, but for now I'll post some of the cute pictures!

Ssssh! I am NOT in my potty corner!
(SLAVE! I said CUTE pictures!!!! Not embarrassing ones!)

Classic Duchess. I make eating Grass look stylish and classy.

*Mouth full*
"What do you mean you're taking a picture?" But sometimes I look just plain silly.
Which the Slave thinks is cute.

Do-De-do-de-do, just scratching myself.

Oh Nose! I stared into the Sun! 
(Actually I'm about to flip onto my front paws and kick my feet up into a binky...Which the Slave did NOT get a picture of!)


 Well that's all for now! Until next time!

           Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm An Athlete too!

 With all the Olympic's going on, it has been even more apparent that I am quite the athlete. I train everyday, eat VERY healthy (Haven't had a pellet in MONTHS! Pineapple chunks don't count. Because I said so.) and I wake up early to train...On eating books. (Or whatever is lying around. I'm not picky.) One of these day's I'm going to get past my Personal Best of eating almost the entire spine off of a book. Book eating can be very filling, but if the lazy Slave somehow to forgot to fill my hay up before going to bed, well, then it isn't all that hard...Hehehe. Also the Digchewathon takes a LOT of stamina. I mean you've got to dig and chew on the ENTIRE bed. Very challenging. 

But my main Gold Medal event (Although I get 'gold medal's in all my events), is Binkrunathon, which is my favorite.

     Also, there's the Lookcuteathon, which is a very easy Gold medal event for me:

   Looking cute is my specialty. It takes a lot of practice to learn just what cute face I need to use to get treats!

 If only us bun Athletes had an Olympics to look forward to every year! Although I wouldn't want a medal...I'd want a never ending supply of PELLETS!! Heeheehee (Although carrots would be fine too!)

         Until next blog!

          Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Belated Christmas in July Part 3--Adorable pictures of AdorableAdoptables!

  All together now:


 That is Adoptable Kristy, who soon after getting her bag, gave up and flopped! Although the flop session proved to help since she was up and at it later nibbling on the bag! 

  Next up is Adoptable Sirius!

   Isn't he the Cutest?? Everytime the Slave walked past his area he was immediately up and posing for the camera! This little guy is was just neutered and is ready to start looking for his furrever home! Good luck little guy!!

  Don't you just LOVE those ears?? *sigh* yes, it's Sirius again, but he is just soooo cute!!

  Ha! Gotcha! This isn't Sirius, but Miss Bunz! This pretty girl is around 14 months, and is very curious and active. She was surrendered by her owner in June, and is now looking for her furrever home!
 Miss Bunz staring the Slave down while she took her picture

  Here's Mr. Thumper again! This time giving the camera a little tongue action! (See part 1 more pictures of Thumper.)

  Here's Forrest nibbling away at his baggie! 
  Forrest is a sweet, and sociable bunny, and as you cal tell by his big ears, he's on the large side! He arrived at Magic Happens this past July and will be neutered today actually, Good luck little big guy!

 And now it's time for the Handsome Mini-Rex hour...
Isn't he handsome?? Meet Cinnabun! Who is a very active little guy. He was adopted, but was brought back due to his high energy and not wanting pets 24/7. He's the type of bun who wants pets when HE wants them, not the other way around! Right now he's molting, but don't let that distract from his cuteness! He is going to be sooo handsome when all that luscious soft mini-rex fur finishing coming in! Basically, he's like me, but minus the demanding of pets all the time! Heehee

 Mercedes right after receiving her goody bag!

  Isn't she gorgeous?? She too was at Magic Happens this past December, so she had a bit of an advantage as far as figuring out the baggie! 

 And last but not least...

 Sirius!! Ok, I know, already posted his picture, but he is just so adorable!! I mean just look at that face:
   Good luck little guy!!

 And that, my dear readers, is the end of the Belated Christmas in July blogs! At least until we either A) Get more pictures or B) Wait till next year! We hope to do it again next July! 

 We will be having the Treat Certificates up all year around, and every single penny will go towards pampering the Magic Happens Adoptables, whether by saving it for the next Christmas in July, or sending them some goodies a little early! Hop by =>here<= if you'd like to give some waiting bunnies some delicious goodies to nom on while they wait for their furrever home! All goodies are purchased at the Bunspace Store!

  Well that's all for now! Until next time! (Which will be soon! Slave just took some super cute run pictures of me. If I do say so myself.)

            Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,