Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adoptable Of The Month--Grammy!

Hello Everybun! 
  I am now going to be doing a feature blog post once a month spotlighting an adoptable from a rescue! Since I'm adopted, I like to do anything I can to help get more exposure to adoptable bunnies!

 This month's featured adoptable is:


 Grammy is an adoptable at Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

  Miss Grammy and her siblings were surrendered to the Slidell pound by a breeder, and arrived at Magic Happens September, 2011. 

 Upon arriving at her foster home this past December, her personality really started to shine! She went from being very timid, to being an attention hog! 

 Her foster family reports that she absolutely loves attention, and will do anything to get it! She's a big fan of snuggling on the couch, and pretty tolerant when it comes to being held. 

 As you can see from her picture, She doesn't mind dogs,(Or cats!) and gets along with other bunnies fairly well; as long as the other bunny doesn't demand pets from her! 

 She loves remodeling cardboard houses:

 And likes to play with her toys! Her favorite toy is atoy ball that dispenses treats! 

 Good luck sweet Grammy, hope you find your furrever home soon!

 You can read more about her on her petfinder profile here

 She also has a Bunspace Profile, where you can see more cute pictures and video's! 

 Grammy is a foster bun, and if you ask me, foster homes are appreciated enough! Thanks to foster homes, bunnies like Grammy are given even more opportunity to really open up and let their wonderful bunny personalities shine. This in turn helps the rescue to know if the bunny would be a good match for potential adopting families.

 If you can't adopt, maybe you could foster! And if you can't foster, but want to help, you could always sponsor a snip for a bun at Magic Happens!

 I'll be doing a featured adoptable every month at the beginning of the month. If anybun has a foster bun they'd like to spotlight, or if there's a rescue who'd like to have an adoptable spotlighted, just send me an email at Duchessbunny@gmail.com

 Be sure to include what rescue the bunnies from, and preferably a link to a petfinder profile, which would have all the information necessary for adoption. Also information about their personality, and cute, recent pictures and/or video's would be great! 

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