Saturday, September 8, 2012

Been a Bit Under The Weather =P

  Yeah, well not anymore. 
So quit it with the medicine.

 This past Wednesday the Slave woke up to find me bloated, and not wanting to eat. The Slave tried giving me gas-x, etc. but it wasn't working. Long story short, the gas I had wasn't caused by a blockage, or diet, but possibly by the beginnings of an infection. So thankfully I only had to spend one night's at the vets, and was able to go home Friday. 

  Now I'm home and doing well! My stomach is about 4 times smaller than it was before, and I'm eating and pooping like I should be! I'm eating my Cilantro, hay, and other herbs like crazy, but lettuce I'm kind of "saving for later". I'm pretty much back to normal, the only real difference is that I'm begging/ready for pets more so than usual...

 So I am VERY happy to be home and I'm doing well! The Slave's still going to be keeping on eye on me, and I still have 6 more doses of Baytril to take--YUCK! She tried disguising it in Pumpkin, but I'm no fool! So I'm not very happy about that, but at least I'm home!

 I'll be back to my regular blog posting soon!

  Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


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  1. get well soon Duchess! we love you princess,xxxxSpeedy and mum


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