Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here we-Here we-Here we GoOo!

  Well I have been VERY busy doing... Uh... bunny stuff. Like eating. And trying very hard to ignore that cold spot on my back by distracting myself and doing other things, like eating! (Look, isn't it amazing?? My bald spot didn't show up!!)


 Occasionally we get the question "How does your Mom/Slave get those totally buntastic binky pictures?" and the Slave is more than happy to share how. So, me'n the Slave have been thinking about doing a couple of posts on taking that perfect binky picture! But of course for this to happen, it is preferred we hear some encouragement, like "YAY! THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY PAWSOME!" or "WOHOO! YOU ARE THE BEST!" Or something along those lines. It's nice to know what your audience wants! 

 And Of COURSE they'll be pictures! New ones too if the Slave ever 'cleans' the memory card and charges the camera battery. *Looks at Slave* 

   Well that's all for now...I'll end it with this new pawesome binky/running picture the Slave got!

               Until next post!

             Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


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