Sunday, August 26, 2012

"What the---" Some of my not so pretty binky pictures!

  The Slave has gotten some very cool binky pictures of me...And some very--uh--interesting binky pictures of me! Some of them are pretty cool binkies, just that I'm not facing the right way! 

And of course, sometimes they're just plain blurry!!

  Besides those, there are also ones where I'm doing 'ground binkies' or I'm *just* starting to go into a binky that look kind of weird as well:

And then you have some of me running that are either cool looking...or blurry looking:

  What was the purpose of posting these? Well the Slave thinks that some of them are interesting to look at, or that binky was just SO COOL but she didn't get that perfect shot!
  The Slave got some new binky pictures, so I'll be posting that blog soon! But until then, here's one of the good ones she got today!

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



  1. Don't worry you always look good even if it you butt we're looking at

  2. You are the Binky champ for sure Mam.


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