Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look Into My Eyes...Well, Eye

 I don't know why the Slave likes doing these extreme close ups, although they are kind of interesting! Especially when you stare into my eye and look at the reflection.

 This one, which I'm sure I've posted before, is one of the Slave's favorite extreme close ups (Actually going to be in a calendar!):

 She also got this one the other day:

 I think it's kind of funny when she tries to get these because she ALWAYS has her bigger lens on her camera, so instead of getting close to me, she has to get farther away! Although she's not too terribly far since when she takes these it's usually when I hop over to her for pets! 

  She just loves nice pictures of me. My coloring is so pretty with all the different tones and everything. *Sigh* If only she had this camera when she had Maisy&Daisy! Now they were some pretty multi-toned/colored bunnies!

     Until next post!

           Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,




  1. Oh Duchess you are looking beautiful as always

  2. Your mom is a great photographer!


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