Sunday, August 5, 2012

Belated Christmas in July--Part 1 (Pictures of Adoptables enjoying baggies)

  This past Friday all 50 baggies, 30 Honey-Suckle vine wreaths, 40 toilet paper tubes stuffed with hay, and 50 homemade toys were delivered to the Magic Happens Rescue Adoptables! 

  The Slave had a blast visiting all the bunnies and handing out the baggies! There were so many adorable bunnies! A few of the bunnies were there from the last time we handed out bags, which was December, so they already had a 'heads-up' on how to destroy them! 

  Boo (Who for some silly reason has been at the rescue for almost 4 years!) immediately started on the bottom of the bag, which is where all the dried yummies are:

                  *Nom nom nom*
Boo glaring at the Slave for taking so many pictures...

 Penelope& Isabella were also quick to nom at the bags, they too received bags last time around! These big gorgeous girls were very timid that time back in December, but they were MUCH more relaxed this time around! 

 Check out their HUGE ears!!!

Nommin' at the Crazy Tasty Hay poking 
out the top!

 By the way, if anybun's in the Baton Rouge area, there are several sample baggies of Bingaling Crazy Tasty TAO hay that you could get to let your bun try! The Slave let me try a sample baggy, it was VERY delicious!!

  One of MHRR's newer Adoptables, Thumper LOVED the goody bag! He quickly started tearing it apart:

     Thumper nommin' on a Birch twig leaf.

  A few hours after the Slave had left, Magic Happens posted this picture of Thumper:

       Looks like he had lots of fun!!


 We have several more pictures to post, but I think this is enough pictures for one post!! Next up we'll be posting some pictures of the Residents, including the one and only Honey-Badger, some of the guinea piggies, and of course some more of the Adoptables! 

  We hope y'all enjoyed this blog, we'll be sure to post the next one soon! (Also keep an eye out for GIF's!) 

          Your Favorite Chocolate Bunnny,








  1. I really like your blog. You should read mine!

    Admiral Sir Cedric Rex

  2. Well done to the slave,this bring's me to happy sniffles,Speedy's mum

  3. So happy for the bunnies who got your treats! How nice of you! All bunnies deserve a home and slave, at least one slave per bunny!

  4. Great work! Happy Bunns ..

    We read Sir Cedric's blog .. much there to enjoy! Even Cedric. Try it!


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