Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Interrupt Isaac to Bring You...

Binky Pictures!

 I was going to post this blog DAYS ago, but a certain Storm named Isaac all the sudden became a big deal and I completely forgot to update the blog!

 We're doing fine, right smack in the cone of rain'n all that, but we're all Ok! So far we've had big gusts of wind relatively frequently and rain on and off, we'll see what happens tomorrow! Fortunately the internet is still working, so I was able to hop on!

  Now, onto Binky Pictures!


Pretty picture!

Eating AND Binkying! I'm quite the multitasker!

Here I managed to pose pretty AND binky!

*Gasp* I'm so beautiful!

  I'll be sure to post again once this storm has blown over! Hope that everybun in it's path stays safe! (And that everybun has a great day!)

    Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



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