Friday, June 29, 2012

Trying to Create Christmas in July...

 WARNING! Long blog! Lots of news!              
 As a lot of you know, I was rescued from a dire situation. I was very, very close to being put to sleep in a homemade gas chamber along with 76 other bunnies. Simply because the breeder who owned us couldn't afford to feed us anymore. (We all know how hungry us bunnies can be!) Lucky for me, Gainesville Rabbit rescue in Florida (Where we were at.) stepped in and helped to raise money to pay the breeder and get us all out of there. Once that happened, it was BUNTASTIC news! We weren't going to be put to sleep after all, we had a second chance! But then there was another bump in the road, where in the world were all 76 of us going to go? 

 That's where Magic Happens Rescue, and several other bunny rescues stepped in. Thanks to all of their wonderful volunteers, we were transported, by car, to rescues throughout the South. 

 Lucky for me, I ended up in Louisiana! That's where the Slave saw me for the first time:

   Well the rest is history! After I was spayed I came home with the Slave and I've been here ever since!

  Why am I posting all of this (again)? 

 Because my Slave has been working on another "Bags for Bunnies" project for my pawesome rescue again! 

 This time we are doing "Christmas in July", and this will be the ONLY time we are doing it this year! If it weren't for Magic Happens Rescue, my Slave wouldn't have found me, and if my Slave hadn't found me, then I wouldn't have met all of you wonderful people and bunnies on Facebook, Bunspace, and here on my Blog! And then I wouldn't be here to make all of you wonderful people smile/laugh when I actually post funny/cute pictures!I don't know about you, but the Slave couldn't imagine life without my gorgeous chocolate face around! 
  The Slave loves putting together the bags for the adoptables, as they are all there waiting for their forever homes, and the bags help make the wait that much more enjoyable!  (We all know how us bunnies like our goodies!)

 As we all know, not all bunnies are lucky, like me, and are adopted quickly. Some bunnies wait for months, even years before finding their forever homes! Magic Happens lets all bunnies stay there, no "expiration date". 

 I've learned that people are always very giving around Christmas time...but not always throughout the year. Shelter bunnies usually get goodies around Christmas that will last them to January or sometimes even February! But they rarely get extra goodies any other time of the year, which is a shame.

  So, despite lack of donations, we have been VERY determined to make "Christmas in July" possible for the adoptables at Magic Happens Rescue!
     Me making sure that all 50 bags are lined up in proper order. 
(And I know what you're wondering...Did I jump into the middle of the stack of bags? Well the answer is YES!! It was really fun!)

 Doing test of the goodies (Honey Suckle vine wreaths and assorted dried herbs. All homegrown!)

Testing one of the 80 something toilet paper tubes that will be made into 80 toys for the adoptables! 

Here's me fussing at the Slave for not ordering ME a box of goodies! (Also for leaving all this delicious smelling stuff in MY ROOM! (So what if it's her's too?))

And THEN the Slave found a unfinished bag of MY Bunspace store apple twigs!!! Cha-CHING!

Well that's what I've been up to. I've been trying to taste test the box of goodies that the Slave was able to order for the adoptables...But she told me "NO!" 

 I REALLY think I need to taste test these!

 The Slave started putting together baggies today, and the results are: The Birch twigs she ordered made it into all the bags (Yay!), she needs MORE bunny bites for the toys, and she needs to continue to pick the blackberry bushes, honey suckle plants, and all the herbs CLEAN the rest of the month! Heehee 

 If anybun would like to donate towards creating a "Christmas in July" for the Magic Happens Adoptables, just hop by the Slave's clay bunnies website and purchase a "Treat Certificate". Just remember, you don't have to give a lot to make more than a few bunnies happy! Here's the link.

 If you'd like to see pictures from when we brought the adoptables goody bags this past December, you can actually view most of them here on my blog!   

  Well that's the update for now! Will be sure to keep everyone updated on the "Christmas in July" project and on what I've been doing!

          Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,

                Duchess LaChocolatebunny




Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's been gone?

                           Not me! 

   Ok, maybe I haven't posted in a few days...(You call 18 a few??)
 But that's only because SO MANY interesting things have been happening we haven't had a chance to post! Although I suppose it's more like the Slave has just been busy, the nerve!  

   I've been doing great! I even made a new friend:

 Mom's been calling him Mr. Hopsalot or Cutesy...What I want to know is why he gets to be called "Cutesy" while I'm stuck with "Nutsy"! 

 I mean just look how crazy he looks in this picture!

   So what if there are pictures of me basically doing a handstand, what's crazy about a handstand?

I mean, he's all horizontal and his feet look HUGE, 
and I mean just look at how crazy he loo...
I give up. I guess I have earned the nickname "Nutsy"!

  While I have been my normal nutsy self, Mom doesn't have any new pictures to prove it (For once!) so I'll post some nice, pretty pictures of me for a change!

   And of course me givin' the camera some good ol' fashion buni-tude:


   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,