Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time For A Little Chocolate...

                      Guess What Time it is!

 Binky Video time!!

Today I 'released' my 3rd Binky-Music video!
Thankfully we were able to match up the music fairly well this time, I hope that everyone enjoys it!

 In this video, I do QUITE a variety of binkies! Literally a little bit of everything that normally do. When watching the video, sometimes it's pretty obvious when the binkies are slowed down, but in actuality most of them are slowed down! This video is complied of around 48 clips all strung together to give you what you see, now that's including duplicate clips (Which we only did when considered entertaining.) and also some of the binky clips were cut up and certain bits of the binkies were slowed down or sped up, which is a little obvious at parts, heehee. Also that part in the video where it looks like I might've done something then binkied--Heeheehee  ;)
  I hope y'all have enjoyed the video!

 Tomorrow we'll post the 3rd and (maybe) final blog of the Adoptables enjoying their goody bags! 

           Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



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  1. Duchess you are an Olympic gymnast that was a gold medal winning floor routine..Hip Hip Hooray!


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