Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sometimes I Amaze Myself...

 I am just so GorGeous!!

  Obviously the Slave finally got around to taking some new pictures of me! I've been having a BLAST in the run!! I've got some new binky pictures, but for now I'll post some of the cute pictures!

Ssssh! I am NOT in my potty corner!
(SLAVE! I said CUTE pictures!!!! Not embarrassing ones!)

Classic Duchess. I make eating Grass look stylish and classy.

*Mouth full*
"What do you mean you're taking a picture?" But sometimes I look just plain silly.
Which the Slave thinks is cute.

Do-De-do-de-do, just scratching myself.

Oh Nose! I stared into the Sun! 
(Actually I'm about to flip onto my front paws and kick my feet up into a binky...Which the Slave did NOT get a picture of!)


 Well that's all for now! Until next time!

           Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



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