Friday, August 24, 2012

More Pictures of Happy Adoptables!

 The Slave just got some pictures from Magic Happens of the Adoptables enjoying some of the goodies from Christmas in July!

Pending Adoptable Mr. Darcy throwing around his wreath!

 Photo: Harley & Ivy enjoy some of the last honeysuckle wreaths from Christmas in July.
 Adoptables Harley and Ivy enjoying the HoneySuckle vine wreaths we sent!

  We are so glad that the adoptables enjoyed their nommies! I already have the Slave picking more honey-suckle vine for next time around! Until then though, I thoroughly intend on, ah , test tasting more than a few ;) 

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


 P.S. Stay tuned for more new binky pictures of mua!


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