Monday, August 6, 2012

Time for Part 2! Pictures of Magic Happens Adoptables enjoying goody bags!

               You have MORE pictures??

 Yes Alfred, we have MORE pictures! This is Magic Happens Resident Alfred, staring the Slave down when she attempted to take pictures of him sniffing his bag. Needless to say as soon as he saw the Slave he soon lost interest in his bag until the camera was safely pointed in the other direction!

 Next up we have one of Magic Happens newest Adoptables, Kristy! 

    Kristy was found wandering around in a neighborhood, and lucky for her a concerned neighbor caught her and brought her to Magic Happens! Right now she is Magic Happens youngest adoptable.

           Pepper nommin' at her goody bag!

   Pepper is Magic Happen's elder-bun adoptable, she is VERY laid back and not much bothers her! This poor girl has been adopted...and then returned a few times simply because the adopting families soon learned they were allergic to bunnies. This is a common reason that bunnies return back to a rescue, whether it's because their allergic to the actual bunny or because of the bunny's hay! The reason for this happening to Pepper multiple times is because she is the rescue's most easy-going rabbit, which makes her perfect for first time rabbit owners. She is very mellow and doesn't mind cats or dogs, and is good around children! 
 Pepper also had cancer on her ear, but was a great patient, and after having a successful surgery is now cancer free and available for adoption!

Adoptable Furball really enjoyed her goody bag! 

 Furball soon found the Apple twig (Seen poking out of the bag) and started eating it. She is a BIG fan of her food so it's no wonder she was one of the first to nibble the apple twig! Furball has been at Magic Happens since June and has already grown quite a bit since she arrived! 


       Adoptable Destin enjoying his goody bag!

  This cutie is Destin, who is actually is "pending" adoption, good luck Destin! 

 This pretty bunny girl is Silver! She was very wide-eyed while we were there, as she is very new there and the sound of paper being ripped was a new sound for her! Despite that, she was eager to dig into her goody bag!

Even though Magic Happens is mostly a Rabbit Rescue, they do take in Guinea pigs and other small mammals! 

 Rex&Rolo even got a goody bag! Rolo was a bit camera shy, but Rex  was front and center nommin' on some of the Bingaling Crazy Tasty hay! 

   Alfred wasn't the only Magic Happens Resident striking a pose for the camera:

   You know you want to pet me

 Honey-Badger is QUITE the beggar for pets! Anytime the Slave went over to get some pictures of him nommin' his goody bag, he immediately stopped what he was doing and was looking for pets! 

                    Pet me. PLEASE!

                 *After Slave gives pets*

Why did you stop?

But the Slave DID manage to get a picture of him eating at his goody bag:

Hard to believe that this big bun is the same itty bitty bunny from December!!


  The Slave even got an autographed Honey-Badger card, or "ey Badger Bunny" card, heehee

 To read Honey-Badger, or HB's story, hop by his facebook page:


  Well I think that's enough bunny pictures for one blog! Next blog we'll have even MORE pictures of bunnies enjoying bags, and also some more adorable pictures of the adoptables! 

   We'll be posting the 3rd blog soon!

       Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



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