Friday, May 4, 2012

You want me to do WHAT?

You want me to do what?
    Look cute and adorable??? 
 Are you kidding me? I AM cute and adorable!

 Some Slaves. It always gets me when they say "Now look cute!" or ""Give me your cute face!" it's pretty rare when my Slave says it...But just the fact that she told ME-the very essence of cuteness- to "Look adorable!" ...It is simply too much. 

 All I know is that my 1st Birthday* is in exactly 10 days, and I just KNOW she is going to have me do a photoshoot, and I better not hear the words "Look" "Give" "Stop" or "No" on my special day. Unless of course it is used in a good way. 

      Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


*Actually my "Gotcha" day and I'm really probably turning 2 or 3...But that's beside the point.



  1. Ooh Duchess you are simpley THE BEST!

  2. Party hearty. PS: You watch that Speedy. He says that stuff to a lot of pretty girls!

  3. Hello, I am writing you from France to ask if possible information on your rabbits. I would like to know what the breed, the name of these rabbits, they look very calm and quite large! Here in France there are several kinds of rabbits, we tried twice to keep them but after a while the rabbits get a bit aggressive, while yours look very nice now I will be happy if you could m help .. Friends of France, marylin

    1. I've always had mini-rexes, Duchess is about 4 pounds, I adopted her from a rabbit rescue, and Maisy&Daisy were mini rexes as well, but they were more of a mix, and Maisy and Daisy were about 5 pounds.

      Some bunnies, once they hit puberty they aren't quite themselves, as their hormones can be VERY controlling! Spaying and Neutering is a very good idea once they are about 6 months, it prevents uterine cancer for girl bunnies and helps with their attitude. If that still isn't the reason, All bunny's attitude stems from something that has happened to them, so it's best to find out what it is so that way you can understand why they are the way they are and try to help them.

      Duchess was already spayed when I brought her home, so I didn't have to think about it. I had Maisy and Daisy spayed as well.

      If you're looking for a good rabbit vet, hop by and check out their list of vets, I know there are a few members from France, and I'm sure one of them listed their vet!

      Bunny's personalities flourish with lots of attention. Not all bunnies like to be held, Duchess doesn't like to be held, but my bun Daisy loved it. Duchess prefers to keep all four paws on the floor, and appreciates it when you get down to her level to give her pets, especially head rubs! She loves hopping up on the couch to be near people and beg for pets and/or food.
      When I first brought her home, she was very timid. I never tried to 'impose' myself on her, except to give her some pets while she was sitting around. She LOVED getting head rubs and before I knew it she was begging for them! I also sometimes would bring her a treat, and I let her outside her area a lot, so pretty soon she understood that people were great! Her previous life had been a wire cage and nothin' but pellets, hardly any attention from people, so once she understood that we were here to spoil her, she quickly wrapped us around her paw =)
      She is just like a little dog, also following us around looking for attention or treats. She has been quite a joy to have around!

      Please let me know if you have anymore questions!!

      Duchess's Slave


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