Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Interupt this Blog with an Important Annoucement

The Early stages of Bagging...Here about 18 baggies have Birch twigs w/leaves in them, she wanted to snap a picture before she had used everything.

Duchess here again,

  First off, Toy Testing part 2 has been delayed due to a lazy I mean busy slave.
 While the slave is busy with preparing for Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow; I thought I'd hop by and give y'all a quick update on the Bags for Bunnies thing for the adoptables MHRR(Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue).

  Today we received the package of Natural Noms stuffs we ordered from the Bunspace store for the bunnies. With the donations we received we were able to get some Birch twigs with leaves, some Apple twigs with leaves, and some delicious Banana bites. So far we have filled 32 bags with the Birch twigs w/leaves, and 26 of those 32 have also been filled with the Apple twigs w/leaves. We're short about 13 Birch twigs and 19 apple twigs. We were trying to get around 45 bags filled, so we're short a filling a few bags. 
 Right now she's just dividing the twig stuff into bags, she has yet to put in the timothy hay, and she has started putting the stuff in the toys. In the toys she's going to put a lil alfalfa and a bunny bite, and a few pellets to give it more of a rattling sound. (I'm jealous!)She's also putting in two sprigs of homegrown Rosemary in each bag as well.
  If you want to see how you can help fill the rest of the bags, just visit the page we've got set up on my slaves site.

   Don't forget to hop by tomorrow evening to check out my Thanksgiving card!!

          Until my next post,


Did you just say something about my so called "strange" shedding pattern?
*Slave closes mouth and looks in other direction*
I thought so.

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