Tuesday, November 15, 2011


                                                           Form Ranks!

  Today Part One of the putting together of bags for the MHRR bunnies. Well, part one consisted of buying the paper bags and working on the toy:

  The Toy is composed of a toilet paper roll with card board "caps" on either end. I cut through a circle through part of the card board caps so that way it would stay on, and cut slots in the sides of the tubes so to also ensure that it would stay on. Inside I'll be putting some kind of treat that'll shake around and make some noise.

 Still collecting donations, incase anyone is interested you can take a look here. We still have a lot of bags to fill!
  I've got plenty of Timothy hay to fill all the bags (I get it by the bale for her highness)so now its just a matter of making the "toys" and hoping we get enough donations to fill the baggies with other goodies besides hay and a few herbs!

  Duchess has been doing fine. She has been quite busy following everyone around and begging for food:
   I know that wasn't the last celery stick!

  She is also doing her part in putting together the bags (As seen in the first picture) by inspecting everything and making sure it is in order. Mostly she just gets to test the toy.

  I'll continue posting updates on how the bags are coming along and, of course, what Duchess has been up to.

              Until next post,

                  Duchess's Slave

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  1. What a lot of work .. I better come and help.


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