Friday, November 4, 2011

The Halloween Thief

The Halloween Thief 

 I know, Halloween is over, all of the candy has been eaten, and I still have a post title with "Halloween" in it.

 In my eagerness to post the Halloween blog I posted it a bit too soon...

  All week long Duchess has been going nuts over the candy wrappers, and we've been pretty good about keeping her away from them. Until Halloween. She usually isn't down during the weekend, so I usually have to double check the floor on Monday to make sure that there isn't any food crumbs. This Monday I didn't see anything, but as we all know bunnies will do anything to find food.
  As any normal Monday would go, I brought her downstairs and started fixing her breakfast; little did I know that I had missed a Cookies and Cream Hershey kiss that had rolled partly under the fridge. While Miss Duchess was making sure I was preparing her greens correctly, she also sniffed out the hidden Hershey kiss and snatched it out from under the fridge and as any bunny would, started to nom on it.

 I heard her almost as soon as she started nomming it,and luckily she had only gotten part of the tip. I then proceeded to pitch it in the trash and double check the floor again for candy/crumbs. I found nothing. She then recieved her breakfast and returned to her normal routine.

  Later on while I was in the living room, I heard her making some noise in the kitchen. Not that big a deal, considering she likes jumping on the chairs and knocking things off of them. So I didn't think much of it, since what was on the chairs was mostly newspaper. A few minutes later I did end up going in the kitchen, and what I found was very unexpected.

 The Halloween Thief (AKA Duchess) was sitting on the table snacking on yet another Hershey kiss. This one she was half way through, and she was definitely enjoying it. (Who knew that bunnies would love oreo bits in white chocolate?) Again I grabbed it from her and pitched it in the trash, she didn't even move from the spot, instead she bobbed her head up and down as if saying "Where'd my treat go?".

  Normally she'd run off and hide when she's caught, but apparently she didn't believe she was doing anything bad.

  Despite eating the chocolate and some foil, her bunny beans remained normal, and she is acting perfectly  normal. In order to prevent events like this from happening again, all of the chairs have been pushed closer to the table so she cannot hop from a chair to the table.
  While nothing happened to her after she ate chocolate, I do not recommend giving your rabbit chocolate under any circumstances. While a rabbit may not be affected by eating chocolate once (<--Does not mean they should get it once), over time it can certainly harm them. Treats like canned pumpkin and herbs such as oregano, tarragon, mint, etc. are much better suited for your bunnies digestive system. While most people who read this already know this, I just have to mention it for those who do not know.

   Until next post...

           Duchess's Slave

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