Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Back Here...

Just stay still and I'll make this as quick as possible...

  The other day I ordered some toys off of the Bunspace store for the first time. This time around I got her a Willow ring (Its not just the slim branches wrapped around, willow leaves are also in there, and to top it all off there are 4 treats tied on it), I also got her a Yucca toss ring.

 We'll see how they look in a few days. The Willow Ring I'm only giving to her while she's out playing, since I know she'll demolish that in no time. The Yucca toy is her "cage toy", although it had a rough start after the first night. She must've thrown it in her water bowl and then picked it up and thrown it back out, because two of the yucca pieces are nice and wet. And they're still damp. So I'm just trying to get the darn thing to dry so it won't get moldy. But this does inform me that she actually did "play" with it some, even if it just meant moving it out of her way.
  She has been doing her normal bunny business, which consists of following people around for treats and looking as adorable as possible:

Please Mom, I want some more

Until next post...
              Duchess's Slave


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