Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank You!!

 While today may be Veterans day, I've heard more about it being 11-11-11!!
   On holidays like Memorial day and Veterans day, I like to take the time to watch at least one show about one of the wars. Its easy to forget who we owe our freedom to.
 Thank you to all of the veterans who have put/put themselves in harms way to keep us all safe. Thank you.

   Duchess's photo shoot went really well today, which really surprised me. She's a huge bundle of energy and she's always very antsy during photo shoots. Today she actually struck a few poses and held them for a while. She even stood up for me today:

  To attempt to keep her from attacking me for food (Her dinner was still 2 hours away...She is always hungry)instead of posing cute, I gave her some pumpkin in the middle of the photo shoot, which resulted in pictures like this:


See you sleep like this...


 Those were just a few of the silly/cute ones, gotta keep a few up my sleeve for that Duchess calendar that will(never)happen.

 Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures!
       Until next post...
                   Duchess's Slave

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