Saturday, November 19, 2011

Toy Testing Part 1

                 Get back here!
  Hello, Duchess here!
    Well the Slave is finally getting the ball rolling for the Bags for Bunnies thing for Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue. Which means...Toy testing! I don't mind in the least, after all, I get extra treats! (Which in my case is pellets, I like those just as much as any treat.)
   Last Friday the slaves approaches me with this cardboard tube with ends stuck on either side. She shakes it around a bit and puts it down, it immediately has my interest since I can hear those pellets shakin' around in there. So I then proceeded to go after it. I didn't get anywhere with it. She then took it away, poked a hole on the tube, and put it back down. NOW I could get somewhere with it!
 As seen in the picture I had to shove it around a bit before I could actually get treats; but I did get some pellets after I threw it around a bit and chewed on the hole to make it bigger. You can see below for a before/after picture:

 If anything I think I improved on its design, larger hole=Less effort=More time to harass the slaves for treats.
   The Slave also took it apart so you could see how its constructed easier:

 Now that its bunny approved, she gets to make 45 more like this. Although its more like 37 now since she's made some, not to mention the extra ones she yas yet to put together. Its a work in progress. She is also using wrapping paper "rolls" as the tubes, its somewhat flimsier, but they work just as well.
 As you can see, we have some finished ones, as well as some no-where near finished ones, as well as a box that needs to be
 These are some of the toys that'll be put in the goodie bags for the adoptables at MHRR.(You can see how you can help here.)
 Now there will be a Toy Testing part 2 post narrated by yours truly. I've put the slave to work on a new video of me testing out this toy, the part thats taking forever is picking out the right music.
   Besides all of that, the Slave has felt it necessary to give me a title, (As if the name "Duchess" wasn't enough)and she decided to come up with some french phrase that's something like this: Duchess-Le Cochon Peu De Chocolat...Whatever it means, I'm sure it is a complete and total lie.
            Until the my next post,
(Slave here: It means The Little Chocolate Pig. Trust me, it describes her perfectly.)