Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

  Hope that everyone has had a Great Thanksgiving!

  This photo shoot could've gone better...But she managed to sit still for a second so I could snap a picture really quick =D

  Today I had Duchess outside where all the kids could visit her, I was a bit nervous since she's not used to people and last time she was around kids she kind of freaked out, but today...Hold on a second, she wants to tell it (Apparently I don't tell her stories good enough *sigh*)

  Duchess here:
 So I was minding my own buisiness in the outdoor cage when all the sudden I heard the voices of small slaves. Last time I encountered smaller slaves I just turned tail and ran to the opposite side of the run. Treats or no treats. So this time I wasn't planning on doing any different. So the Slave walks up and takes me out, and starts shakin' the pellet cup, well, I couldn't just leave those pellets there, so I hung around her. For some strange reason the small slaves actually sat down and were relatively quiet, and they had pellets!! Like I was going to run off and leave those poor pellets in the hands of the slaves? What were they going to do with them? So I thought I'd just stick around and get in a few quick pellets and hop away...But get this, there were around 4-5 of them, and they ALL had pellets. So I did my duty and ate all the pellets...And they kept giving me some!! It was great. Plus I got pets, so that was an extra bonus. So I was Ok with these small slaves, they gave me food, pets, they were fine, so I acted like my normal self around them. (Which is just hopping around, eating grass, hopping by one of them to see if they had food.) And the small slaves LOVED me, all because I was doing my normal thing! Plus they were picking grass and feeding it to me, and that was Ok too. I also met some of the other family memebers and they all kept telling me how soft I was (Of course!) so that was nice too. Then they all left, and then came back before they went home.
 The Slave gave me a carrot as a treat, and all cilantro for dinner (which is my favorite green). So I had a pretty good Thanksgiving.

 Duchess really surprised me with how well she behaved; all of the kids kept asking if they could hold her, but I didn't want that happening since Duchess can still be pretty iffy as far as holding goes. Overall it was a very nice Thanksgiving for us over here, even Duchess enjoyed herself.

 Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

        Until next post...

                Duchess's Slave


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