Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Santa's" Little Helper...NOT!!

  Well last night I made the mistake of putting toys together in front of Duchess...

Somebun's gotta do quality check right? I mean this bag is all the way from August...So OLD!

  Apparently she felt the need to make sure that everything tastes like its supposed to. The Alfalfa is something I've had since August, so I didn't mind if she had a few bites of that...Just not in the bag. So I let her have clean-up duty:

Duchess here:

 The Slave is such a slob. I mean look at all this hay spilled! Although I have to say this was the best tasting clean up duty ever.

So while the Slave's got that whole thing going on, I've been trying to sneak into one of the bags that some more good stuff is in, like the one of each of the two kinds of twigs is in (Apple& birch...Smells SOOO good!) but she's been pretty good about keeping that away from me. She keeps telling me if I get into one of those bags, then that's yet another bag short for the bunnies.

Apparently only the bunnies at the rescue's main house will be getting baggies, since she hasn't gotten enough donations to also include the fostered bunnies. She's already pretty darn skimpy with the twig handing out, only two twigs per bag? *snorts* She's also putting in a few sprigs of rosemary (which I detest!) that's home grown and she's picking our lemon balm bush clean to try and cover just the bags for the bunnies at the main house. Can't I get any lemon balm around here?? Geesh.

   So as I was saying, she had clean up duty. Something she (obviously) enjoyed. Now while she did enjoy doing that, it didn't stop her from jumping on me everytime she heard a rustle of anything. Amazingly I did manage fill a good amount of toys despite her highness.

  This past Friday (Yep, Black Friday.) I went by Hobby Lobby and found a cute little stocking that'd be perfect for her:

 And then stitched her name at the top, a bit of a squeeze, but I managed (barely). By the way, the missing pom pom is in the stocking, I have yet to hot glue it back on.
  I still haven't found the time to work on the toy testing video, as things just keep popping up!

        Until next post...
                    Duchess's Slave

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