Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is me, telling you, to put me on the bed. Now.

 That pose displayed above is her demanding pose. She looks up and pushes herself up with her front paws as much as she can without actually standing up, and jerks her head backwards a bit like "Hey, why am I not up there?".

 Duchess has developed a habit of thumping whenever she doesn't get her way. To her, this means a lot of things: Not being able to jump on the couch (She tries jumping when she's right next to it and miserably fails) or jump the bed, or whenever she doesn't get enough treats/food. She was also at one point where she was thumping every time she jumped onto my bed, although she has now resorted to a quieter way of jumping up there so that way she can surprise me in the morning.

 Its probably worst whenever she is visiting with family. She knows that if she thumps she will more than likely get her way, which has resulted in more than her fair share of treats =D 

  Duchess's first Halloween is coming up, which means Halloween card! I'll definitely be posting it here come Monday.

   Until next post...

               Duchess's Slave