Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Many Shades of Chocolate

 Sorry for the delay in posting, Duchess has been keeping us on our toes with her chewing attempts.

Does this pattern make me look fat?

  Duchess is shedding big time right now, and as a result she is looking very...Streaky. When I first recieved Duchess, I thought "Oh, she'll be my first solid color bunny!" How wrong I was. Even when she wasn't shedding she had multiple tones. Now that she is shedding, well, you can see for yourself. The richer chocolate color is her spring color, and that milk chocolate color is her winter color, and then she's got a dark stripe outlining her winter coat. Her face is dark chocolate along with her paws and tail. She also has a tiny white dot on her side, which is very hard to see in pictures. Also for some reason, she has developed an odd dark chocolate marking on her back, and I don't think she had that with her spring coat, or if she did, it definitely wasn't as noticeable.

  As of late Duchess has been getting into all kinds of trouble, especially the chewing kind. She has already taken out two phone chargers, before we were able to bunny proof the cords, of course. She has also been working on decorating the floor. Apparently her litterbox was "too far away". Please. The place she chose was just as far as the litterbox. 

 When I had Maisy&Daisy, I was used to being given attention only because I had food, which was fine with me. Over the years I was finally given enough respect to be occasionally "groomed" by one of them, usually Daisy. Maisy would only "accidently" give me a lick. When it was just Daisy, she was definitely friendlier, but she was still reserved. Duchess is so different from them. She is always coming by for attention and sometimes she even has to have someone around to "perform" for. I even get licks from her occasionally.

 Right now I'm working on a new video of her, but I don't suspect it'll be done until next week.
       Until next post...

           Duchess's Slave

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