Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you think YOUR day was weird...

We don't own cows

  This morning started normally enough. Picked up Duchess, bring her downstairs, go get her litterbox from right outside the door...Why are those cows looking at me?
   We live in a rural area (obviously) and apparently some of our neighbors cows got loose. And guess who's house they decided to visit? You guessed it. Ours. And yes, we do have a fence, and a gate, and all that good stuff, but when cows wanna get in, cows get in. Or at least thats the way it is with these cows. In the end we ended up shooing the cattle off of our property and down the road back to our neighbors. It sounds so much easier when you say it like that. Believe me, I got my exercise for the week. For the record, I do not blame the neighbors for not coming to get the cows, they were going to, but the cows were already heading towards our driveway and out onto the road. So we thought we would follow them out and nudge'em along,  and in reality the cows ended up back in. Since we were already down there trying to get them out, we might as well stay and actually see them out this time, so we followed them back up to their home, and tried to keep them from going in other neighbors property.

     Now back to the scheduled blogging:

Do you really need to photograph this?

  In between all of the cow business, Duchess was quite busy keeping me occupied with trying to get a picture of the perfect bunny yawn. As you can see, I failed to get it. It all started this morning when I saw her flopped and I thought "Bunny picture!" and I grabbed my camera and positioned it with finger on the button, waiting to capture the blog picture for the day. She then started moving and doing some kind of stretch Click! followed by a great big bunny yawn. I was too early. I missed my golden opportunity to get a Duchess yawn because of an eager "trigger finger". Throughout the day I noticed that she was having a flopping sort of day, and proceeded to grab the camera when she flopped, wait a few minutes for her to get a good nap in (like 10) and then try to snap a picture when she started stirring. I failed again, but this time I was no where near my camera (it was before I realized it was a flop day). After that I finally set the video camera on her, thinking that I'd get a snap shot from the recorded bits later. She refused to do another yawn.

 Last Friday though, I did manage to capture this:

 Am I seeing things differently, or is that a good picture for a $99 camera (it was on sale...What can I say?) I got this picture while we were on the way home from Blessing of the Pets. Its pictures like this that don't let me chuck my camera out the window when I get bad ones.

        Well that's all for the day here. Until next post...

                              Duchess's Slave



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