Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Time!


 I finally had time to put together another little video. Only this time the music is actually in sync with it the entire time. I think this was her favorite video to make since she got extra Pumpkin Bites (From the Bunspace Store). She goes nuts for them every time she hears them, after she gets one, she won't leave you alone till she's absolutely positively sure that you're "clean" of treats.  

  This time I wanted to incorperate other things that Duchess does, and not just her binky skills. Now its just a matter of finding another song so I can start work on her next video. 

  Duchess has been doing fine. She kept me up this morning by constantly jumping on my bed and digging. The way she digs, its loud and hard to get back to sleep. I don't mind too much since I know to counter this by holding her for a minute or two before putting her down. After two holding sessions she wasn't jumping on the bed again.

Now it's time for up to the minute news of what Duchess is doing: 

   She just ran down the hall, disppeared into a bedroom..And now she's checking out the living room. Now, she's back in the hall! Now its back to the bedroom...And repeat. Now I'm typing one-handed because she has jumped on the couch and flopped as soon as I started petting her.

  Well thats all for now! Until next post...

                    Duchess's Slave

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