Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now ya see her...

Now ya don't

  Apparently Duchess has received too much time outside in her run getting exercise, because that is what I've been seeing all day. At first she runs up to you and you're like "Oh! Sweet soft bun wants to see me!" and she starts sniffing you out for treats. You barely get the chance to run your hand over her silky smooth fur before she's done inspecting you and realized you have no treats, and hops away. Then, of course, your first thought is "Fine. I don't want to see you either." But you don't really mean that and you go get the treats (pellets in her case) and come back, this time, she absolutely loves you.

  I always know when she hasn't received enough attention because I  either get:
A) The mopey bunny. In other words, the bunny who totally ignores you. Unless you have food, then she might nibble at it, but you aren't totally forgiven until she gets massages/pets/cuddles.
B) The chewer. She knows darn good and well that if she goes and chews on those books on the shelves that she will get attention, and she goes right ahead and does it.

  Or in severe cases (usually when I'm annoying her more than anything) I get this:
Which means I better watch what I do to her highness or else...                              

   Now for another kind of "Now ya see her, now ya don't":

 One day about 2 weeks or so after we brought her home, I was in our living room keeping an eye on her while she ran around. In our living room we have a small wood-stove with tile surrounding it; she loves the tiling around it since it feels nice'n cool after she's just run around, so when she went and laid down behind it, I thought nothing of it. Until I heard what sounded like a bunny jumping and nails on the stove. I jumped up from the couch and went to see what she had done, but I couldn't see her. I started semi-freaking out since I could NOT see her, but I knew she had to be somewhere, so I opened up the door of the stove to hopefully see a bunny, and instead saw nothing but logs. I then looked around the back of the stove and at first I couldn't see anything, but when I put my hand back there and felt around I realized there was a smallish hole in the bottom part of it. I then went to the front of the  again and noticed a drawer in the front, so I thought "What the heck." and pulled it open, and there in the drawer with a nice pile of grey ash, looking small and slightly terrified, was Duchess. Soon as the drawer opened up completely she jumped out and ran under the laundry thing (it sits on wheels) and started grooming herself. I ran after her and then proceeded to clean her off. It was like she sat in a pile of white-ish grey dust more than anything. Sadly during this time my camera was no where to be seen. And no, she did not leave little paw prints on the floor, more like splashes of dust.

  Regarding the blog page, I always find myself editing little bits and pieces of it (the design part) so don't be surprised if it looks different for the next post. I know today at one point the whole page just gave you one big headache from all the different colors (I went a bit..Ah, overboard) but I think I am finally happy with the way it looks (I love her pose for the header that is up right now).
   Oh, and now you can see some of Duchess's video's on the left side of the blog on that handy-dandy video bar. The one with her doing a "hand stand" looking binky is "The Bunny Dance", her digging on the bed is "Whatcha Been up to DuchessBunny", and her on the flower rug is "Introducing DuchessBunny".

        Hope that everyone has a great Tuesday!

                          Duchess's Slave


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