Thursday, October 13, 2011

The (Really) Curious Bunny

 You don't want me to go where? (Hops off in that direction)

   Duchess is a very curious rabbit. So curious it gets her into trouble. Well, she almost gets into trouble (She's a rabbit, she's got feet, so she's automatically lucky).
   A good example of this is what happened when she got into what we call "The Big Room" (its a large room filled with lots of objects, think if it as the Room of Requirement like in Harry Potter) we have lots of stuff in there that she could get into serious trouble with, so its "off limits". My room is also right next to this "off limits" room. Well you know how off limits things can be with a curious bunny around.
 One day I left her in my room, expecting to be gone for maybe an hour or so, and come right back home. She'd be fine, she has her food, hay, and toys. I checked to make sure everything was in order, shut the door, and left. Come to find out, I was gone for a good couple of hours, and when I came home, the door was magically open. (Well, maybe not so magical. Whenever our A/C kicks on it sometimes blows the door open)

  There, in the midst of all the stuff, was Duchess, looking like a wild rabbit in a field. She was standing semi-erect, ears straight up, nose twitching, trying to figure out who had entered her domain. I immediately started talking to her, but it was too late for that, she bolted under an object, I walked over to her to try getting her out, she bolted back out, but stopped since she was finally remembering "Oh, its the slave. She gives me food." I then scooped her up and plopped her back in my room, I didn't shut the door, but I didn't worry about it since I was right there, so I then surveyed the area for bunny mess and see if she chewed anything, but found nothing.
  In the meantime Duchess hopped back out again, but I saw her and picked her up again and this time held her for a bit before putting her back in the room and shutting the door. Besides the fact that she was curious,I believe that she had originally gone into the room to look for her slaves, as she was not accustomed to being alone that long without any attendants.
  Ever since that day we've been more careful about shutting the door, and ever since that day Duchess has tried to find more excuses to get back in there. The usual one is whenever someone leaves the door open she hops down the steps as if she's going to "follow" them (ha).

  This morning she was going to "follow" someone down, but as soon as I walked over to her she immediately turned her bunny butt around and ran up the stairs and was under the bed so fast I didn't get to say a word. 
  Oh, and that night after her adventure in "The Big Room" the internet didn't work...She had chewed the USB cable. Lucky for her we had an extra one. The funny thing is that she chewed that one cable out of at least 10 we had up there.


  Well that's all for now, until next post...

               Duchess's Slave

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