Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Message From Her Duchessness

Hello there!

Duchess here, just wanted to say something really quick about something that I like a lot and I think that you could help me out with:

Look at me, now look at the picture below:
Now,look back at me,and look back at this
   While you may want to stroke my gorgeous fur and give me hugs and smooches, you can't. But, you can get an adorable clay figurine to look like your rabbit(s) (heck, even me if you wanted to) that you can have all your very own.
  So, have you ever wanted to help out a great animal rescue and get something cute and super peronalized in return? Well now's your chance.

 Meet Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue, a great rabbit rescue that is definitely making a difference here in Louisiana. They have helped find homes for over 500 (and counting) rabbits. They don't have an actual "shelter" building (Not yet!), so they are made up of volunteers opening up their homes to the bunnies that they get in. Right now they are trying to get tax exemption, and here's where you can help!
  Right now, I'm getting the slave to donate $7 (Per clay rabbit) instead of $5 for every clay rabbit purchased off of the Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue page on her site. Or, you can purchase 2 rabbits for the regular price and have $5 go to the rescue. Either way its a win win for Magic Happens! The only thing is, you've gotta be fast, as this is only in place until October 22, 2011.
  So, do me, and about 40 or more other bunnies a favor and hop by and see if you can help! Here's some pictures of some of the cute bunnies you could help out!!

   The slave will return to the regular blogging Monday. Until then, hope you have a bunderful weekend!
             Nose bonks,


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