Sunday, October 9, 2011

Duchess Protests

 "Hand over the real greens"

  I've discovered over the past month or so, Duchess doesn't really like Romaine, and she makes sure that I know it.

    At first I gave her the usual bunny salad I make, which is mostly Romaine, with some Cilantro and an herb (depending on whats doing the best). For dinner salad, its usually the Romaine, and different herbs. When she was first eating greens, she eventually ate them all (She was still figuring greens out) but she ate whatever was in her bowl. Later she started to ignore whatever she didn't like, such as Romaine (She also isn't a big fan of it just me or am I seeing a pattern?), by leaving it in her bowl till her next meal. Since I didn't want to waste greens, I remedied this next trip to the store by buying more Cilantro and less Romaine, and she was satisfied with having more Cilantro and less Romaine. Well this morning I was running low on Cilantro and I just started a new head of Romaine, so guess what there was more of? Apparently the Arugula didn't balance it out, because she didn't touch the Romaine all day.
     Lucky for her, the Romaine was still edible by dinner time, so I simply 'refreshed it' and added more Arugula than usual, a lil bit of Cilantro, and she finally ate it. I've found that bunnies can only ignore food (even if it is Romaine) for so long, and then they have to eat it.

    We're not entirely sure how old Duchess is, we believe she's 3 years old, but she acts like a teenager. I believe that this is because for 3 years(?) of her life she's spent in a wire cage with little attention, no toys, or even hay, and now she's getting to do all the things teenage bunnies do, and get away with it. One thing is her chewing habit, she'll try anything, but her favorite is plastic, preferable the hand broom and dustpan. She also likes hardback books. And yes, she does have toys to chew on.
  Another thing when we first got her, even though she was still getting used to all the noises around the house and still looked nervous, she would binky anywhere. And I mean anywhere, including on the couch in front of (gasp) people. For Maisy&Daisy to binky, it had to be a VERY special occasion, and they would prefer that you weren't around to witness it. Duchess doesn't do binkies quite as often as that, but she still isn't shy about it and will willinginly do it in front of you. (See her video "The Bunny Dance", which is composed almost entirely of binkies.) The one thing that she absolutely has to have people around to perform, is her Diggy Dance, which can be seen in this video:


   She will actually come over to you, nudge you, and then go out and start doing it again. She prefers to do this dance right before I go to bed, and also at 6 in the morning, the only bad thing about it, is that when she starts to dig on the bed she tends to also chew, which is bad news for my sheets. She'll also pee on the bed, but she tries to aim for her litterbox that's under the bed (but between the wall and the bed). Needless to say, I have yet to see her hit her litterbox, but I know she does try.

      Well that's all I have for the day. Next up I plan on telling her wood-stove adventure (For the record, it wasn't on) and whatever mischief she's been up to.

                    Hope everyone has a great week!

                              Duchess's Slave  

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