Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanks, Slave!

I don't know where to begin...

 The Slave has finally decided to let me get in a daily dose of Parsley. She has been trying to "perfect" her bunnies diets for years, and Parsley has always been one of the no-no's, except on special occasions. All because Parsley has calcium. Can't she give a delicious plant a break?

  Well apparently she can. She finally 
figured out that since I only have pellets occasionally (And they contain calcium as well.) that it would be Ok if it got some Parsley everyday. Geesh. All this time when I could've been getting parsley.

  I suppose I should eat it before she comes up with some excuse as to why I can't have it:

  Why all the worry about calcium? Well some bunnies if they get too much will get bladder sludge and all kinds of nasty things. (<-Notice it says SOME bunnies, Slave.)

  I'm lucky I get anything with this Slave taking care of me. I wish I was around when she was gaving M&D handfuls of Raisin's a day! I haven't even tried one!


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