Thursday, January 5, 2012

My wish has been granted...

 Now THATS what I'm talking about

 Yes, this is the carrot that I was talking about last blog. Sadly, it is no more. The Slave says my lips were orange for the day. I would've spanned it out longer, if it wasn't for the Slave's forgetfulness. *sigh* It was good while it lasted. The Slave gave me pumpkin and benebac just to be sure that all that sugar didn't mess me up. (I spanned it out to about 3 days, there were some days in between.)

   In other news the Slave is sponsoring a photo contest for Bunspace, and a certain bunny you all know is the face of the contest. You can see it here. The only possible downside to all this is that the slave will be making the prizes, which means after the contest she'll be at her desk more often making clay bunnies and completely ignoring me. (Slave here, "completely ignoring" is a strong phrase. I guess foot massages don't count anymore.) Anyway. If you are too lazy to click on a few links to see the Slave's handiwork here's a sample:


 I guess I can get some bunstruction done while she's distracted. Perhaps I should work some more on the closet...

    Until next blog,

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