Sunday, January 22, 2012

Need More Thyme in The Day...

*Sigh* So much to do...So little time (Also more Thyme wouldn't hurt)...

Where to start?

  Occasionally I have to make sure I give out my "NoseBonk of Approval" when necessary:

 I also have to make sure the Slave's making my breakfast or dinner depending on the time of day:

Eat Hay when I get the chance:

Eat my greens:

This is it? I thought this was the appetizer...
(Actually this is Second breakfast. Surprisingly I don't have any pictures of her eating breakfast/dinner)

 I also have to investigate strange objects:

This is going to take a while...

Can't forget to pray that the Camera breaks:

(...And maybe the slave could forget she already fed me, and give me some extra greens...)

Entertain the Slaves:

Eat greens again:

Dig on the bed:

You call this bed "made"?

Find time to Sleep:
The "Sleeperhold"
(You do realize I'm not actually sleeping?)


Not to mention I have to get in as many pets/treats as possible, destroy at least one thing, and make the Slave laugh/smile as many times as possible...

 Well I suppose eating hay/greens would be a good start...


  1. Duchess is such a beautiful Rex! You have been added to our blogroll.

  2. What beautiful colors! Very busy day, Duchess! You better get started!


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