Friday, January 20, 2012

I Commited the Ultimate Crime

Go ahead, I DARE you

 I dared all right:
That's not embarassing
Please, PLEASE make it stop!

 Well, I did have pity on her and put the camera away not long after this picture. She was more than happy to enjoy the rest of her pumpkin by herself. I did water down the pumpkin a little bit on accident, and it resulted in a ton of tongue action. Which was fine by me, although Duchess, of course, had a problem... 

 Duchess Here:Do us bunnies take pictures of our slaves with food smeared all over their face, tongues protruding, and post it on the world wide web Ooing and Aaahing over how cute they are? I didn't think so.

  Sorry Duchess, but those pictures were just too good to pass up. 

 (Note to self: Make sure camera is out of reach...)

 Duchess was sure to stay off the piano today, but I was sort of glad because I have yet to find the charger for the video camera...

              Until next post,

                       Duchess's Slave


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