Friday, January 13, 2012

The Playful Side of Duchess

You call this "playful"?

  As much as Duchess wouldn't admit it, she has been a *bit* playful lately.

  This evening while Miss Duchess was out and about, she came by me and did a few little binkies. I, of course, couldn't help but tickle her, and my to much surprise, she  actually binkied a few times when I tickled her. After this happened twice, any time I tried tickling her after that she gave me her usual slightly annoyed/what are you doing face. *Sigh* It was cute while it lasted.

 These past few days I've been skimpy on the binkies in the company of the slaves. (I've found that they are appreciated even more if they are spread out.) So I thought I would humor the slave and binky when she tickled me that one time. So she tickled me again. And again. What am I, a wind-up toy? I do not binky on command. Last I checked they humored me.

 *Nudges Duchess aside*

 Anyway. The other day I made the mistake of leaving her pellet cup on a chair. Needless to say she found it and proceeded to spill them ALL of the floor, then jump down and try to "vacuum" them up...After that I moved them to the table/area above the chair. Well you know how bunnies are, they can't help but make sure that you didn't make the same mistake again...

Geez, just makin' sure she doesn't leave things out!

 I had heard her scraping the chair when I was busy on the other side of the room, so next time I left the camera on. I then heard her jump on the plastic drawers and went to go grab her, as I had left some un-baked clay on my desk. While this video is different from the others, I just love having the fast and the slo-mo. I couldn't find any music to pair with this, so I just left it without it.
  I've been working on a number of videos similar to the Chinese Dance and the Bunny Dance, but I just haven't found the right match-up yet...
  Well that's all the news on this end!

                Until next post...

                      Duchess's Slave


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