Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bunny Chopin? (As in Show-pan)

(Duchess takes deep breath before placing her paws on the keys)

  This afternoon I was sitting in the living room, and I heard Duchess moving things around in the kitchen. I didn't think much of it since she recently found out that a few treats had spilled into the Christmas Bow bag. 
  A little later on I heard the piano. Just one note, held for a good 5 or so seconds. I was so surprised that I just sat there. (Also I remembered my camera battery was dead anyway.)I then got up and went to go see what she was doing, and sure enough she was sitting on the piano bench, looking at me. After that I went to go dig up some AA batteries and kept an ear out for more "piano playing". But there wasn't any.

  After a while I went and got her and put her on the piano bench and tried to see if she would put her paws up there for me. When she appeared not to do it, I snapped the above picture, and just as my camera was saving that picture, she went and put her pawies up on the piano again. *Sigh*

  Then, even later on, I was again in the living room when I heard several notes played on the piano. (Note: They weren't played all at once) Sure enough, Duchess was in there, but by this point she had hopped off the bench and was waiting for treats.

 I think this all started because yesterday a certain somebunny wasn't getting enough attention while a certain person was playing the piano, so she jumped up on the pinao bench to get pets.

 Today I think she finally realized that she could hop onto the piano bench. Of course once doing that, she had to be Miss Curious and check out the keys as well.

 I'm definitely going to have to charge the video camera for next time she's in the kitchen!
        Until next post...
                Duchess's Slave




  1. Aaww, that is just super cute. It's funny how they like to jump up on things. When Miss Meadow was living in our guest bathroom her favorite place was on the counter!


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