Monday, January 16, 2012

A Post From Bunspace

While it may be 2 days after her RBB date, its has been on my mind a lot. As I suspect it would be on anyone who has lost a bun. I promise that I'll return with the usual silly Duchess stories soon.

 On Maisy's 1 year at the RBB, I wrote this blog on Bunspace, and thought I would repost it here:

"I've learned that it's hard losing a bunny, time passes, but the hurt doesn't necessarily fade. There are mostly good days, but sometimes you just miss'em a lot, and nothing can really fix it.

Life goes on, you adopt another bunny, you 'bond' well with them, but you never forget the other bunnies that have touched your life. Never.

Memories will eventually fade, but the important ones never really do. You know the one, the one you vow to hold on to and never let go. That time on a car ride, that one time when they were particurarily sweet, or even that that time they peed on you when you continued to hold them after they warned you to put them down. (This happened to me twice with Maisy...You'd think I would know better!)

I miss my bunny girls, I always will. I'm so thankful to have had Maisy&Daisy for my first bunnies, they've taught me a lot. I'm also thankful to have taken so many great pictures that have captured their personality. Now, even though they aren't here to personally make me smile, I can still look at their pictures and remember.

Pictures for me (And probably most people) hold memories, most pictures I take I can go back to that time and remember how they once were.

I have a little collage next to my bed of all my favorite pictures of them. Mostly ones that show their attitude, Maisy striking a pose, Daisy doing what Daisy does best, which is being DaisySmile

I remember that final year I had the two of them, I had this bizarre urge to take lots of pictures of them (Like to take some fun set pictures of them almost the day I thought of it instead of next time I had the camera out) and to want to spend lots of "fun" time with them.

I remember Maisy was so friendly that final November-December, coming up for pets, and being just plain sweet.

Then Maisy got sick in January and passed away. She was 3 months away from turning 6. It happened so fast. We found out what was wrong with her on a Wednesday (Enlarged heart) and she passed away that Friday. From then on I kept Daisy close and was with her for most of my free time. I was so scared that she was sick, and worried about all the little things, (Is she breathing Ok? Is she drinking too much water? Does that poo look weird?) Despite that, I still had so much fun being around her. We celebrated her 6th birthday and had lots of fun pampering her. That May she became noticably sick, and despite many vet trips she slowly got worse as the summer wore on, until she passed away in August. we still don't know what really happened. We suspect that they both had poor genes from in-breeding.

Once Daisy passed Duchess became 'a star' and has only grown 'brighter' as the months have gone on. I honestly don't know what I would've done without her. As I write this blog I have her running around, and even now despite the subject she is still managing to make me smile at her antics.

It was hard for me at first. I didnt know too much about her since I spent a lot of time with Daisy (I brought her home in May to bond with Daisy). Now that I've spent about 4 months with just her, she's comfortable around me, (For example, she doesn't mind if I pet her while she's grooming) and I know what her attitude is, her likes, and most importantly her dislikes.

Getting at that point when with your bunny can be so rewarding, I never realized how important it was until it was gone. One lesson I've learned is to never take little moments for granted, sometimes those are the best ones.

I'll always miss you my sweet bunnygirls..."



  1. You are right about it being so rewarding. My bunny and I are a 'bonded pair.'


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