Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Need a Little Chocolate for Valentines Day but Don't Want the Calories?

Then you've definitely come to the right blog!

 Needless to say I've been getting tonz of pets and cuddles this Valentines day...(Oh, and the Slave has eaten around 6 little York Peppermint Patties so I don't think its because she "needs a little chocolate", hehe.) Since I am velvety soft and am extremely adorable.

  While I don't particularily like being cuddled, I tolerate it. Although its usually only when the Slave holds me, since if I nip or try to get away from her, she just holds me even longer. 

  I had a great first-Valentines day here in my forever home; the Slave gave me some home-grown goodies with my dinner, and I also got a special goody bag filled with my usual delicious timothy hay and also some homegrown herbs, and some dried Dandelions! Since I love those so much, the Slave says she's going to pick a lot so that way I can have them dried even when they aren't in season.

 I hope that everyone has had a great Valentines day!

               ~Duchess AKA Chocolate Bunny

P.S. Mardi Gras is coming up next week, so be sure to hop back over here next Tuesday!

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