Friday, February 3, 2012

Flower, or Flour?

Look familiar?

  This afternoon Miss Duchess was running around, as usual, when we heard the sound of paper tearing in the kitchen. We didn't think much of it, we have a roll of newspaper in a corner that she will occasionally get into...We comepletely forgot that we had a package of flour sitting on the floor.
   A few minutes after the paper tearing someone ended up going into the kitchen and discovered Duchess happily munching away on wheat flour. Surprisingly she didn't get much on the floor, or on herself, but she did leave a nice sized hole in the bag. We did manage to save most of it. With the "tainted" flour, well I guess I'm just going to have to make Duchess some more home-made treats.

  What does this blog have to do with Flower? Nothing really. When I was flipping through pictures that one of her really reminded me of Flower from Bambi hiding behind his tail. (Surprisingly, I couldn't find that image Google.)

   Things have been busy around here, the photo contest I sponsored on Bunspace ended, so I'm busy with making the prizes. I've actually been having fun with that since I'm getting to try to make new poses.

 Duchess has also been sure to keep her area as messy as possible. (Including peeing off her platform and hitting the wall...

  For the record, I was trying to get it in my litterbox, which by the way is directly underneath my platform!

Yes, Duchess, I know. It was all my fault for putting the litterbox under there. And hay on the platform. You can do no wrong.)

 So I've been trying new ways to keep it clean over there. Right now I've got the lid of a tupperware container between her platform and the wall in order to prevent that from happening again. So we'll see how that works out.


              Until next post...

                        Duchess's Slave 



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  1. Big cheap plastic tub lids are in heavy use around here too!


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