Monday, February 6, 2012

What is This???

*Chew chew* Oh, you're supposed to eat it!

 Apparently toys have another purpose besides getting in my way. So what if it took me longer than the average bun. The Slave gave me a vinestar for Christmas, along with some willow balls, and I only recently realized that you're supposed to eat them! Now I can say "Thank You!" and actually mean it!

  The willow balls I demolished in January, when the Slave gave them to me.(She didn't give it to me at Christmas since I had other things to nibble on...That I actually didn't/haven't nibbled on.) 

 I finally realized then also that you could nibble the vinestars, but only the past few days have I done any real construction on that strange, pointed, delicious toy. Now all that remains are two points, which I'm sure I'll devour before the week is gone.

 Now I can look forward to my birthday with this new knowledge on toys.


P.S. The picture looks horrible because the usual camera's batteries are dead, and the charger was, uh, taken care of by a certain rabbit. All that remains is the video camera, which also takes terrible pictures.


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