Monday, February 27, 2012

I've Been Caught...This Time on Video *Sigh*


 Ok, so its not much, but that's how I "play". Although the Slave should've had the camera out earlier when I was "playing" with all four paws. (Can I help it SOME bunny jumped down for treats?) I mean, the Slave should've gotten off the couch faster with the camera in order to capture me playing with all four paws. (*Coughs*)
 This time I was jumping on the piano in search of the mysterious Dandelions. The Slave has been picking Dandelions from our backyard (For more goody bags for Adoptables in July)and then drying them on top of the piano...The one place I can't reach. She used to have them on the piano bench, but after I discovered them (AKA pulled them off the piano bench and scattered them...) she moved them; so I have been searching for ways up on top of the piano. So far, I've been unsuccessful. Oh well. We'll see what tomorow brings. In the meantime though:

 I'll sit back, relax, and enjoy the head rubs that are helping me think of ways to get onto the piano...


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  1. Dutchess, you are so beautiful and so talented! I love your "shows!"


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